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NC USH Goal 3

Civil War and Reconstruction EOC Review by Matt Ingram

Compromise that allowed California to be a free state, allowed people in territories to determine slavery issue, created stronger fugitive slave law Compromise of 1850
Part of Compromise of 1850 that angered northerners and dismayed runaway slaves Fugitive Slave Law
Famous conductor on the Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
Woman who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe
North's military strategy to defeat the South, involving a blockade Anaconda plan
Turning point of the western part of the war where the North took control of the Mississippit River Vicksburg
This freed the slaves in the states that seceded from the Union Emancipation Proclamation
The Kansas Nebraska Act allowed people to vote to allow slavery or not in those areas, which resulted in violence known as Bleeding Kansas
This suggestion in Congress would have banned slavery in the areas gained from the war with Mexico Wilmot Proviso
The raid on Harper's Ferry was carried out by this zealous abolitionist John Brown
Lincoln's goal when the Civil War started Preserve the Union
Members of Congress who wanted to punish the South after the Civil War Radical Republicans
Andrew Johnson was impeached for violating this law Tenure of Office Act
Government agency designed to help former slaves by providing food, clothes and medical care Freedmen's Bureau
Northerner who moved to the South Carpetbagger
Southerner who joined the Republican Party and was criticized by former confederates who were all Democrats Scalawag
Compromise of ____ ended Reconstruction, removed the military from the South and allowed a Republican to become president Compromise of 1877
Northern Democrats who criticized the war Copperheads
These riots occurred because upper class men could pay to get out of going to war while the poor were drafted Draft riots
Court case that ruled the Missouri Compromise illegal, the case was brought on by a slave Dred Scott case
Key loss in the Civil War at which point the South began to lose the war, never invading the North again Gettysburg
Slave states like Kentucky that didn't secede from the Union Border states
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