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NC USH Goal 4

The Great West Review by Matt Ingram

"Fifty Four Forty or Fight" was the slogan dealing with the dispute over what territory? Oregon
The treaty that ended the Mexican War Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo
Loyalty to one region of the country, this created much division in the US as there were 'southerners' and 'northerners' Sectionalism
Belief that the US should expand across the continent Manifest Destiny
Act that encouraged settlers to move west by giving them 160 acres of land Homestead Act
Act that gave states land for universities, colleges Morrill Land Grant
This invention dramatically closed the west, ending the open range Barbwire
The process of making Indians become more American or 'white' or civilized Assimilation
The final battle of the Indian Wars where the natives lost Wounded Knee
Political group made up of farmers and working class people, mainly from the west Populists
Farmers were in constant debt to and constant battle with ... Railroads
This group supported bimetallism whereby US currency would be backed by gold and silver Farmers
Populist candidate who unsuccessfully ran for president in 1896 and gave the famous "Cross of Gold" speech William Jennings Bryan
Religious group that moved out west due to persecution and settled in the Utah territory Mormons
This invention helped farmers on the Great Plains get access to water Windmill
Battle also known as Custer's Last Stand where Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were victorious Little Big Horn
Created by: mingram