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NC USH Goals 1 + 2

Review for the NC EOC by Matt Ingram

First test of Washington's presidency in which he sent in troops to successfully put it down Whiskey Rebellion
As Secretary of the Treasury, his plan was to create a national bank and move the nation's capital to the South Alexander Hamilton
The scandal that involved a bribe offered to American ambassadors by a French official XYZ Affair
The idea of not getting involved with foreign affairs, Washington suggested to do this Neutrality
A state's decision to not follow or enforce a federal law, this is now considered unconstitutional Nullification
This act whic dealt with trade with other countries was passed by Jefferson. It hurt the economy and Federalists criticized him for this Embargo Act 1807
Laws passed by John Adams and the Federalists which limited criticism of the government Alien and Sedition Acts
Name for congressmen who supported the US going to war with Britain in 1812 War Hawks
Famous court case that gave the Supreme Court the power to determine the constitutionality of laws Marbury v. Madison
Jefferson's purchase of this land more than doubled the size of the US Louisiana Purchase
These 2 states tried to nullify the Alien and Sedition Acts Kentucky and Virginia (Resolutions)
This battle was the last of the War of 1812 and created much national pride and made Andrew Jackson a national hero Battle of New Orleans
This document by James Monroe from the early 1800s warned European countries not to interfere with the western hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
Compromise from 1820 that settled the slavery issue by determining that states below a specific line could have slaves and states above it could not Missouri Compromise
This man created the cotton gin and interchangeable parts Eli Whitney
This invention sped up the production of cotton, created the need for more land and more slaves Cotton gin
Henry Clay's system of national improvements including canals, national roads, and the Bank of the US Clay's American System
due to the Tariff of Abominations, this state threatened to secede from the Union South Carolina
Worchester v. Georgia ruled that this act passed by Jackson was unconstitutional, yet he refused to follow the ruling Indian Removal Act
Due to transcendentalism, this religious movement occurred and resulted in greater church attendance Second Great Awakening
Idea of transcendentalist involving protesting of laws in a non-violent manner Civil Disobedience
American school known for paintings of the American landscape Hudson River School
1830s meeting of women to discuss their rights Seneca Falls Convention
Created by: mingram