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What forbid the colonists to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains? Proclamation Law of 1763
The Sons of liberty started a boycott and had this act repealed. Stamp Act
This Act placed a tax on such items as paint, glass, paper, lead, and tea. Townshed Act
This Act required colonies to quarter and house British soldiers Quartering Act
This gave Parliament full power to pass laws without colonial representation. Declaratory Act
This was a tax that Parliament kept just to show it had the right to tax colonists. Tea Tax
Who represented the British soldiers at the trial of the Boston Massacre? John Adams
Who was a wealthy Boston lawyer, famous for the quote "No Taxation without representation." James Otis
Said "Give me Liberty of Give me Death" Patrick Henry
The 2nd Continental Congress elected him as leader of the Continental Army George Henry
Author of Common Sense Thomas Paine
The King during the revolution George III
This man doubted that destroying tea was the best way to resolve the debate over the right to tax. Ben Franklin
Was sent to keep order in Boston and to enforce the Intolerable Acts. General Gage
What is refusing to buy certain goods or items? Boycott
What was the name for a British soldier? Redcoat
What gave officers the right to search any building for any reason? Search Warrant
Sam Adams organized this to keep communication up in Mass. Towns. Committee of Correspondence
A colonial soldier what were ready for battle at a moment's notice were called what? Minuteman
What is a way of spreading your political views and beliefs? Propaganda
Where was the first shot fired? Lexington
Who were the 5 writers of the Declaration of Independence? Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, John Adams, Roger Livingston
What was the Declaration of Independence ratified? July 4, 1776
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