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Amer. His. Ch. 11

American History Chapter 11

what event caused the first wave of secession? Election of 1860
what event caused the second wave of secession? 1st battle of civil war.
President of the CSA? Jefferson Davis.
Vice President of CSA? Alexander Stephens.
The 2 battle that were the turning points of the War? 1: Gettysburg 2:Vicksburg
Union General responsible for the Anaconda Plan? Winfield Scott
Surrendered to Grant at Appomatox? Robert E. Lee
U.S. President during the Civil War? Abraham Lincoln
Vice President of the U.S. during Civil War? Andrew Jackson
assassinated the president in 1865? John Wilkes Booth
Union General who won the Battle of Vicksburg? Ulysses S Grant
Confederate General killed by his own men at Chancellorville? S. Jackson
Union General who mad a famous "March to the sea?" Wm T Sherman
Capital city of the CSA? Richmond Va
Confederacy's best general? Lee
Union's best general? US Grant
Union general who won the Battle of Gettysburg? Meade
Union general slaughtered at Fredericksburg? Burnsides
Union general fired twice by Lincoln for being too cautious? Mcclellan
Which side fought a defensive war? South
Which side fought a offensive war? North
Most military operations in the war took place here? South
The North's strategy to win the war? Anacond Plan
Fighting against civilians as well as the military? Total War
Using cotton to force England to trade with the south. Cotton Diplomacy
1st battle of the war. ft Sumter
Lincoln said that Scessloll
Why did the South think they had the right to withdraw from the Union? States Right
list the union Strategy? Anaconda plan , offensive war , Blockade Ports, and Take Miss, R
Which aide could produce most of what they needed for the war? north
Term that means the people could decide om the issue of slavery ? Popular Sovereignty
List the 4 border States? Mississippi , Missouri, Delaware, , and Kentucky
Define border State? Didn't leave Union Southern
Define habues corpus? Citizens could be arrested antiwar dissent?