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8th-Amer. Rev.

Mr. Stickler AW's American Revolution unit flashcards

What was the name given to Colonists who wanted to maintain ties to Britain? "Loyalists" or "Tories".
Which British general had a brother who was an admiral in the British Royal Navy? Gen. William Howe. He led repeated attacks on Patriot positions at Bunker Hill (aka "Breed's Hill").
Which British admiral was sympathetic to the Patriot cause & worked with Benjamin Franklin for peace in 1776? Admiral Richard Lord Howe.
Who wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense", stating "It is time to part" with Britain? Thomas Paine.
Why was the Second Continental Congress convened? It was called to organize the defense of the Colonies.
What were the Articles of Confederation and what were their weaknesses? The first American constitution (1777). Its weaknesses were: 1.) The Articles didn't give power to a central government; 2.) Congress didn't have the power to tax to pay national debt; 3.) Congress didn't have power to settle arguments between states.
Which Colony's government was the model for the United States Bill of Rights? Virginia. They had written the "Virginia Bill of Rights" which listed the freedoms that government's promise to protect.
What is the definition of a "constitution"? "A document that sets out to put into writing the laws, principles, organization, and processes of a government."
What are the three (3) sections of the Declaration of Independence? 1.) Lists of the "natural rights" that people should have; 2.) List of the wrongs done by Britain/ King George III, 3.) Announces that the Colonies are now separate from Britain and are called the United States of America.
What are "natural rights"? "Rights that belong to all people from birth."
What is one main idea listed in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence? The idea that if a group of people decides to separate from another for political reasons, they should take the time to list the reasons they are separating.
Why is the Battle of Trenton (New Jersey) famous in popular culture today? Because the famous painting "Washington Crossing the Delaware" shows an event from it. In the winter of 1776, Washington took his battle-weary troops and crossed this river in small boats to conduct a surprise attack against the Hessians on Christmas.
Which British general was present at all the major campaigns (Trenton, Princeton, & Brandywine are a few) and later resigned his commission (which was refused)? General Charles Cornwallis. He was forced to surrender at Yorktown by the French and U. S. troops in 1781, too.
Who were the "Hessians" and how did they get their name? "Hessian" was the name given to German mercenary soldiers who helped the British during the Revolutionary War. Many came from the Hesse-Cassel area, a name that transformed into "Hessian" and became a generic name for all German mercenaries.
Which British general surrendered his entire Army after being abandoned by other British generals and harassed by the Green Mountain Boys? General John Burgoyne. Gen. Howe was forced to capture Philadelphia by King George III, which left Gen. Burgoyne alone and vulnerable.
Which 1777 battle (won by Americans) was credited with convincing France to join the U. S. against the British? The Battle of Saratoga (1777). After the Americans won this battle, the French began thinking we had a chance to win.
Benjamin Franklin was sent to France in 1776 to ask for French assistance against the British from which French monarch? Benjamin Franklin talked to King Louis XVI.
Name 3 of the Native American tribes who made alliances with the British in the Revolutionary War. The Cherokees, Creeks, & Choctaws. (Another group was the Chickasaw tribe.)
How did Patriots overcome the British military advantages during the Revolutionary War? They used hit and run guerilla warfare tactics to disrupt supply lines and communications riders. Patriots fought short battles versus the British and then broke off contact to run and hide.
Which Patriot general frustrated the British by using guerilla warfare tactics in South Carolina? Francis Marion (known as the "Swamp Fox"). He used small groups of soldiers who "slept by day and traveled by night." Marion's troops seemed to appear from nowhere in the swamps, fight short battles, then retreat back to the swamps.
In 1777 - 1778, where were American troops located when Patriot women pitched in to collect food, blankets, medicine, and warm clothes for troops after the Battle of Saratoga? Women pitched in to help troops at Valley Forge. Gen. Washington's troops were living in makeshift huts, were cold, and starving! Many soldiers who had shoes, boiled and ate them. Some women also sent ammunition and visited camps to treat the wounded.
The British surrendered after the Battle of ___________ in 1781? The Battle of Yorktown. American and French troops surrounded Gen. Cornwallis' troops, laid seige to his Army of 8,000, and Cornwallis was forced to surrender.
Who was Mary Ludwig Hays? She was also known as "Molly Pitcher" because she carried water to her husband and other soldiers at the Battle of Monmouth (1778). She took over firing the canon when her husband was shot!
According to the Treaty of Paris (that ended the Revolutionary War), what were America's borders to be? America's borders were to extend "from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River". The northern border stopped at the Great Lakes. The Southern border stopped at Florida (which belonged to Spain).
What did Gen. Washington do at the end of the Revolutionary War that shocked Congress? As soon as the Revolutionary War was over, he resigned his commission in the Army and returned to Virginia.
Why is Levi Preston's quote to a newspaper reporter years after the Revolutionary War important? Because it gives us evidence about how the "common" Patriot soldier made the choice to fight. He said the Stamp Tax, Tea Tax, nor any other British taxes bothered him. He fought for the right of Americans to govern themselves.
Who were "Patriots"? This was the name the Colonists who favored war against the British in 1775 gave themselves.
Created by: sticklerpjpII