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Servidio SS Chap 7

Servidio Review for Chapter 7 MC/CR Test

Define constitution A document of government that sets out the laws and principles
Define executed Carried out
Define confederation An alliance of independent states
Articles of Confederation The first American constitution
Name four weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation Some examples include no power to tax, regulate trade, no president or system of courts
Name three strengths of the Articles of Confederation Some examples include declare war, coin money and appoint military officers
What was the Land Ordinances of 1785? Set up a system of surveying and settling the west
What was the Northwest Ordinance? Set up a system of government for the new states in the west
Define economic depression A period of time when business activity slows, prices and wages fail and unemployment rises
What did Shays’ Rebellion prove? The Articles of Confederation needed to be revised
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention? To create a new government
Describe the Virginia Plan They represent the large states with large populations and wanted representation based on population
Describe the New Jersey The represent the small states with small population and wanted equal representation
What branch of government did the Great Compromise create? Legislative Branch
What are the two parts of Congress? Senate and House of Representatives
How many Senators are there per state? Two
How does the government figure out how many House of Representatives there are per state? The census
What is the census? It counts the population per state every ten years
Describe the Northern Plan It represented Northern states with no slavery population for the House of Representatives
Describe the Southern plan It represented Southern states with slavery the population for the House of Representatives
What was the 3/5 Compromise? Three out of every five slaves would count toward the population
Why were the slaves upset about the 3/5 Compromise? They received no social, political or economic rights
Who holds the final authority in government? The people
Define federalism The separation of national and state government
Define separation of power The division of government between the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches
Define checks and balances When one branch on the government has power over another branch, so no Branch can become too powerful
Electoral College Each state has electors and every four years they choose the President and Vice President
Veto Reject a bill
Override Overrule a veto
Impeach Bring formal charges against a government official
Who makes up the Legislative Branch? Congress
Who makes up the Executive Branch? President, Vice President and the Cabinet
Who makes up the Judicial Branch? The Supreme Court and all lower courts
What is the main responsibility for laws of the Legislative Branch? Create laws
What is the main responsibility for laws of the Executive Branch? Enforce laws
What is the main responsibility for laws of the Judicial Branch? Interpret the laws to make sure they are constitutional
Judicial Review The power of the Supreme Court to determine if actions and laws are constitutional
Bill of Rights The first ten amendments to the Constitution
Preamble The opening of the Constitution
Popular sovereignty The people hold the final authority in government by voting
Limited Government Government has only the powers the people grant it
Who has the power to coin money? Legislative Branch
Who has the power to veto laws? Executive Branch
Who has the power to impeach a President? Legislative Branch
Who has the power to appoint judges? Executive Branch
Who has the power to remove a judge? Legislative Branch
Who has the power to override a President’s veto? Legislative Branch
Who is the Commander and Chief of the armed forces? Executive Branch
Who has the power to regulate trade between states and with foreign countries? Legislative Branch
Created by: Suzanne Servidio