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US History EOI prep

outlawed slavery 13th amendment
provided citizenship to former slaves 14th Amendment
provided the right to vote to anyone regardless of race 15th Amendment
fed and clothed war refugees in the South after the Civil War Freedmen's Bureau
1896 Supreme Court case which established the "Separate but Equal" doctrine Plessy v. Ferguson
laws which enforced segregation in the South Jim Crow Laws
barred Chinese immigration for 10 years and prevented Chinese already in the U.S. from becoming citizens (1882) Chinese Exclusion Act
location of processing center for immigrants from European nations Ellis Island
1894--most famous labor conflict--Pullman Car Co. workers walked out in a dispute over wages--American Railway Union members vowed not to work for the company--boycott crippled railway traffic and govt had to intervene Pullman Strikes
workers were striking over need for 8-hour workday--led to downfall of Knights of Labor Haymarket Riot
refused to give up her bus seat to a white man in Montgomery, AL (1955) Rosa Parks
labor organizer who led a strike against grape growers on behalf of farmworkers--organization became the United Farmworkers (UFW) Cezar Chavez
leader of Civil Rights Movement who was assassinated in 1968--believed in non-violent protest Martin Luther King, Jr.
1887 law alloting 160 acres reservation land to each head of household the Dawes Act
process which made high-quality steel cheaply and efficiently Bessemer Process
invention that led to the demise of the long cattle drives barbed wire
movement to give women the right to vote Women's Suffrage Movement
movement to eliminate or moderate consumption and sale of alcohol temperance (or prohibition)
the People's Party which worked to increase the power of farmers Populists
national farm organization that was established for educational and social purposes the Grange
movement to fix the problems of society that had occured supposedly because of immigration and urbanization Progressive Movement
the banking system of the U.S. Federal Reserve System
economic domination of a strong nation over weaker ones imperialism
US opinion that all countries should be allowed to trade with China Open Door Policy
our Marines helped local planters oust their queen so we could annex this state Hawaii
the idea that white-dominated countries are always helping the developing nations White Man's Burden
US got involved in the war after the explosion of the Main in Havana Harbor Spanish-American War
country from which the US helped Panama gain its independence so we could build the canal Columbia
Theodore Roosevelt's belief that we should promote peace but keep our military so strong that no one would want to attack us Big Stick Diplomacy
two events that pulled the US into World War I Germany's submarine warfare & the Zimmerman Note
telegram from Germany to Mexico pledging to give them back the southwest cession lands if they helped defeat the US Zimmerman Note
organization which the US Congress refused to join at the end of World War I League of Nations
World War I peace treaty which stripped Germany of its army and required them to pay $33 billion in reparations, in addition to admitting it was their fault Treaty of Versailles
period where African American arts were flourishing Harlem Renaissance
amendment prohibiting the sale or consumption of alchohol (prohibition) 18th Amendment
gave women the right to vote in 1920 19th Amendment
repealed prohibition 21st Amendment
reasons preople can own their own cars in the 20s assembly line & more disposable income
1st person to fly solo across the Atlantic Charles Lindberg
causes of the Stock Market Crash long bull market, buying stocks on margin, lack of new investment
settlement house started by Jane Addams Hull House
program providing income security for the elderly and unemployed Social Security Administration
program to build dams for flood control and electricity in the South Tennessee Valley Authority
New Deal program that built highways, bridges, roads, etc. Works Progress Administration
New Deal program that hired young men to plant trees, fight forest fires, and build lakes Civilian Conservation Corps
location of the attack which pulled the US into World War II Pearl Harbor
WWII turning point in the Pacific Battle of Midway
American WWII strategy of taking an island at a time until we got close to Japan Island Hopping STrategy
name for the date for the invasion of Normandy, France D-Day
US president who made the decision to use the atomic bomb on Japan Harry Truman
cities bombed by the US with atomic bombs to end WWII Hiroshima & Nagasaki
location of the post-WWII peace conferences Potsdam and Yalta
term for the separation of the E.European communist nations from the West Iron Curtain
British man who coined the term "Iron Curtain" Winston Churchill
reason the communists built the Berlin Wall educated & skilled East Germans were fleeing
failed foreign policy fiasco where the CIA tried to oust Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba Bay of Pigs
1962 crisis when the US and USSR were on the brink of nuclear war Cuban Missile Crisis
two programs where the US gave aid to eastern Europe to help them recover from WWII and keep them from becoming communist Truman Doctrine & Marshall Plan
reason the US fought with South Korea in the Korean War to keep Communism from spreading (containment)
1st artificial satellite to orbit the earth--sent by Soviet Union Sputnik
American communists executed for being spies the Rosenbergs
arms limitation talks between Pres Nixon and Soviet Brezhnev SALT--Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
the two post WWII mutual defense alliance entered by the US United Nations & NATO
mutual defense organization consisting of the US, Canada, & western Europe NATO
the idea that if one Asian nation fell to Communism, they all would Domino Theory
this gave President Johnson the authority to us force to defend US troops in Vietnam Tonkin Gulf Resolution
surprise attacks by the VietCong on American airbases in South Vietnam and major cities Tet Offensive
law stating that the president must inform Congress within 48 hours of committing troops into a hostile situation War Powers Resolution
Supreme Court decision which called for desegregation of schools and overturned Plessy v. Ferguson Brown v. Topeka Board of Education
location where 9 African American students had to have army escorts to go to class in 1957 Little Rock High School
law reguiring that federally-funded schools cannot discriminate against girls Title IX
Supreme Court decision that states cannot regulate abortion in the first 3 months of pregnancy--protects a woman's right to privacy Roe v. Wade (1973)
civil rights leader who was assassinated in 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr.
labor organizer whose strike on the behalf of California farmworkers led to the formation of the United FarmWorkers union Cesar Chavez
Supreme Court case which established that even the poor must be provided a lawyer when charged with a crime Gideon v. Wainright
using economics to get other countries to do what we want Dollar Diplomacy
court case that established that you must be read your rights when arrested Miranda v. Arizona
movement promoted by Marcus Garvey encouraging blacks to move to Africa b/c they might never find justice or true freedom in the U.S. Back to Africa
African American activist after Civil War who wrote The Souls of Black Folk W.E.B. Du Bois
helped start the American Railway Union Eugene Debs
processing center for European immigrants to the US Ellis Island
immigrants from western & northern Europe old immigrants
immigrants from southern & Eastern Europe new immigrants
attempts to make Native Americans adopt American lifestyle Americanization
last Indian uprising; result of Ghost Dance Wounded Knee
big businessmen known for their ruthless business practices robber barons
Andrew Carnegie's belief that those who profited from society owed something back to it Gospel of Wealth
election where all members/citizens can vote for a candidate to run in general election direct primary
citizens can introduce legislation & require legislatures to vote on it initiative
law submitted to voters for approval referendum
voters call a special election to remove an elected official from office recall
"silver" candidate for president in 1896; gave the "Cross of Gold" speech William Jennings Bryan
thought blacks should focus on education to slowly gain equality Booker T. Washington
founded Universal Negro Improvement Assn. and supported "Back to Africa" movement Marcus Garvey
Americans thought we could make others more "civilized" rationale for imperialism
an area where a foreign nation controls economic development sphere of influence
Bull Moose party candidate for pres in 1912 Theodore Roosevelt
winner of 1912 election after Republican votes split Woodrow Wilson
angry veterans marched because they wanted their veterans' bonuses paid early Bonus Army March
winner of 1932 election (Great Depression) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Roosevelt's plan to add Supreme Court justices Court Packing Plan
illegal to sell arms to any nation at war in an attempt to keep us out of WWII Neutrality Acts
program to develop the atomic bomb Manhattan Project
Roosevelt, Churchill & Stalin argued about how to set up the government of Poland Yalta Conference
led the Allied forces in Europe then went on to be president of the US Dwight Eisenhower
led the Pacific fleet in WWII Douglas MacArthur
formed by the Soviet Union and their satellite nations in response to NATO Warsaw Pact
a willingness to go to the edge of war before backing down brinkmanship
President must inform Congress in writing if he commits troops abroud; they must approve in 60 days War Powers Resolution
lowered the voting age to 18 26th Amendment
one of the most violent anti-war (Vietnam) protests Kent State
goals were to end lynching and segregation of blacks National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
sued OU School of Law because she was not admitted b/c she was black Ada Sipuel Fisher
segregation by law de jure segregation
segregation by custom/tradition de facto segregation
leader of the OKC lunch counter sit-in movement Clara Luper
event in 1963 organized to build momentum for the Civil Rights Bill; "I have a Dream" speech March on Washington
made segregation illegal in public places Civil Rights Act of 1964
suspended literacy tests & other measures that kept blacks from voting Voting Rights Act of 1965
assassinated Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis James Earl Ray
leader in the Black Power movment Malcom X
court case which keeps states from regulating abortion in the first trimester (1973) Roe v. Wade (1973)
Lyndon Johnson's domestic program The Great Society
Kennedy's domestic program The New Frontier
author of The Feminine Mystique and leader in women's rights movement Betty Friedan
a relaxation of tensions (with the USSR) detente
caused by the president's men sneaking into Democratic Party headquarters Watergate
document that revealed that Congress and the people had been lied to about the war in Vietnam Pentagon Papers
Nez Perce chief; tried to flee to Canada; I Will Fight No More (speech) Chief Joseph
Nixon chose Ford to be new VP; Ford became Pres when Nixon resigned 1st use of 25th Amendment
Carter brokered this peace agreement between Anwar Sadat of Egpt and Menachem Begin of Israel Camp David Accords
Reagan's monetary policies including his belief in supply-side economics "trickle-down" theory
situation where the US secretly sold arms to Iran Contras who were fighting communism in Nicaragua Iran Contra Scandal
a nuclear facility in Pennsylvania which had a leak and caused radiation to escape Three Mile Island
relaxation of tensions; a Nixon policy to improve our relationships with China & USSR detente
an organization that sells oil for its member countries OPEC--Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
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