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FMS 8th Ch 11

U.S. History

A 2000-mile trail stretching through the Great Plains from western Missouri to the Oregon Territory, Oregon Trail
an important trade trail west from Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe Trail
A belief shared by many Americans in the mid-1800's that the U.S. should expand across the continent to the Pacific Ocean. Manifest Destiny
A treaty that ended the Mexican War and gave the U.S. much of Mexico's northern territory. Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo
A gold-seeker who moved to California during the gold rush. Forty-Niners
U.S. purchase of land from Mexico that included the southern parts of present-day Arizona & New Mexico. Gadsden Purchase
Spanish mission in San Antonio, Tx; that was the sight of a famous battle of the Texas Revolution in 1836. Alamo
American pioneer who built Sutter's Fort-a trading post on the California frontier; gold was discovered, leading to the California Gold Rush. John Sutter
Mexican General, who suspended Mexico's republican constitution and turned his attention to the growing unrest in Texas. Santa Anna
He settled the Oregon boundary with Great Britain and successfully conducted the Mexican-American War. Known for this campaign slogan 54-40 or Fight. James K. Polk
U.S. involvement in California and Texas strained relations with Mexico; resulting war. Mexican-American War
Lead the U.S. Army the Texas Army. Became the hero of the new independent nation of Texas. Sam Houston
Present day California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. Mexican Cession
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