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Ch. 7 Test

6th Grade Ancient History

According to legend, Rome was founded when these twin brothers wanted to build a city. Remus and Romulus
At first, Rome was ruled by kings, but later it became a ___________, a word that means "belonging to the people. Republic
At first, these members of the noble class were the only ones who could vote. Patricians
The ___________ were common workers, small farmers, artisans, merchants, and foreigners who were not allowed to vote. Plebians
The lower class was finally allowed to have their own governing body called an _________. Assembly
The leaders of this group were called ________. Tribunes
The noble class had its own governing body called the __________. Senate
The leaders of the Senate were called _________. Consuls
The leaders of the lower class were able to hinder any actions of the noble class by yelling, "___________," which means, "I forbid!" Veto
True or False Julius Caesar was assassinated by hid friend Hannibal. False It was Brutus
True or False Caesar refused to disband his army at the Rubicon River and a started a civil war with Pompey. True
True or False The Roman infantry was divided into units called legions. True
True or False The Roman emperor Cicero blamed Christians for setting Rome on fire. False It was Nero
True or False The Pax Romana was a series of wars between Rome and Carthage. False Punic Wars or period of peace and prosperity enjoyed by Rome
True or False The republic of Rome began when King Tarquin the Proud was driven from the throne. From then on, the Latins were known as Romans. True
True or False Italy is centrally located in the North Sea. False Meditterranean Sea
True or False In early Rome, only the plebians could vote. False Patricians
The Etruscan king driven from the throne by nobles was Tarquin the Proud
He was a member of the Roman Senate and a famous orator and lawyer. Cicero
Taxes paid to a ruler by conquered peoples are called Tribute
Our modern calendar, the __________, is based on Julius Caesar's calendar. Gregorian calendar
At the age of sixteen, a Roman boy became a citizen and was given an official garment, a loose, one-piece robe called a Toga
This is the belief that pleasure is all that matters. Epicureanism
This was the belief that duty is all that matters. Stoicism
Christ was born during this era . Pax Romana
These contests were held in large arenas and involved men fighting other men and animals to the death. Gladiators
During his reign, Christians were killed by lions in the arena. Diocletian
Rome began around 753 B.C. when a group of Europeans settlers called ___________ made their homes there. Latins
Describe how Christians were treated in Rome after Christ's death. How did they respond to this treatment? Christians were persecuted by hangings, burnings, gladiator attacks, and crucifixions. They responded by becoming more determined to keep their faith and by meeting secretly in catacombs.
Explain the saying, "All roads lead to Rome." Rome is famous for its system of roads built to connect the lands it conquered. Roman roads enabled the spread of goods and ideas to other areas.
Created by: wnewton
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