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5th Civil War 3

Post Civil War

Reconstruction the twelve-year period after the Civil War during which the nation faced the problems of rebuilding the South and reuniting the states.
Presidential Reconstruction, 1865-1866 controlled by the presidents and created the Freedmen’s Bureau, a law signed by Abraham Lincoln.
Sharecropping a system in which former slaves lived on and farmed land owned by someone else and were given back a share of the crops in return
Black Code s laws passed by Southern states to keep former slaves from voting, testifying against whites in court, serving on juries, and joining the militia.
13th Amendment freed the slaves
Congressional or Radical Reconstruction,1866-1877 controlled by Congress Radical Republicans
Civil Rights Act 1866 declared that all persons born in the United States were citizens
14th Amendment made all former slaves U.S. citizens
Prohibit to forbid or prevent by law a particular action
Ratify to give formal approval to an amendment to the Constitution
15th Amendment gave African American men the right to vote
Impeachment an indictment, or charge, of a high government official for a crime
Jim Crow Laws laws passed by Southern states to legalize segregation
Racist one who believe that racial differences prove that a certain race is superior to others
Freedom Bureau A US agency that gave aid to newly freed blacks after the Civil War
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