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5th Gr U3 CM2 FK1

Civil War

Civil War a war between different groups of people of the same nation
United States Military Academy at West Point New York, the training ground for many officers on both sides of the Civil War
Strategy the overall military plan for defeating an enemy or winning a conflict
Blockade a military strategy that aims to cut off supplies going in and out of an area
Tactic a method of using forces in combat
Draft a system of selecting individuals from a group for compulsory military service
Emancipation Proclamation a document written by Abraham Lincoln changing the Union’s war aims to include fighting to free enslaved African Americans in the Confederate States
Gettysburg Address a speech by Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg during a ceremony to honor those who had died in the Battle of Gettysburg
Surrender when soldiers stop fighting in an attempt to end a military war or conflict, often including written terms of agreement; often symbolized by a white flag
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