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5th Gr SS U3 CM1 FK1

Pre Civil War

Industrial having to do with businesses and factories
Urban having to do with cities or towns
Manufacturing the massive production of goods through the use of machines and tools in factories
Factory a large building where workers make goods
Trade the business of buying and selling goods; commerce
Shipping the business of sending goods on ships, trains, etc.
Railroads a system of transportation using trains
Canals man-made waterways connecting bodies of water so that ships can travel between them
Agriculture the production of food and goods through farming
Rural having to do with the countryside and agriculture
Plantation a large farm found in warm climates where crops are grown
Cash Crop a crop which is grown for money
Cotton Gin a machine that quickly and easily separates the cotton fibers from the seed invented by Eli Whitney
Slavery a form of forced labor in which people are considered to be
Territory large areas of land that were not yet states
State a political and geographical unit that makes up a union
Union the organization of the states that remained loyal to the government and the constitution
States’ Rights a concept that refers to the ideas that states possess certain rights and political powers in relation to the federal government
Constitution the system of laws that state the rights of people and the powers of the government
Compromise an agreement that is reached after people with opposing views each give up some of their demands
Fugitive a person who flees or tries to escape
Underground Railroad a network of people who helped runaway slaves escape to free states in the North and to Canada.
Station a place where runaway slaves hid
Conductor a person who hid the slaves and guided them during their escape to freedom.
Passenger a runaway slave
Mason Dixon Line the border separating the slave state of Maryland from the free State of Pennsylvania.
Secede to withdraw formally from an organization or a nation
Confederacy the government set up from 1861 to 1865 of eleven southern states
Abolitionist a person opposed to slavery and in favor of ending it right away
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