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SAT Vocabulary..

SAT words

abase to lower in rank, prestige, or esteem
abstruse difficult to understand
acumen keen in judgement
adroit nimble
aesthetic pertaining to appreciation of beauty
affable friendly
alacrity cheerful willingness or eagerness
alleviate to ease a pain or burden
altruism selflessness
amalgam a mixture of diverse elements
ambiguous open to more than one interpretation
ambivalent uncertain
amiable friendly
anachronistic something that exists or happens not according to time or order
apathetic feeling or expressing little emotion
arboreal relating to trees
arcane known/understood by few
archaic old-fashioned
ascertain to discover with certainty
assimilate to make similar
astute shrewd or clever
augment to add to or make larger
aural having to do with the ear
austere plain and strict
autonomy independence, self-ruling
averse strongly unwilling
banal dreary, boring
belie misrepresent
belligerent aggressive
beneficial advantageous
benign kind and gentle
bolster to support
bombastic given to pompous speech or writing
brevity being brief
burgeon to flourish
cacophony displeasing to the ear
cajole to urge by gentle and repeated appeals, flattery, or teasing.
callous emotionally hardened or unfeeling
candid straightforward and sincere
cantankerous easily annoyed
capricious impulsive and unpredictable
castigate to punish severely
cathartic relaxing after emotional outbursts
censure to criticize or blame severely
chicanery trickery
circumscribe to draw a circle around or restrict
circumspect prudent, cautious
clandestine secretive
complement to go well with, to complete
concilitatory appeasing, soothing, pleasant
concord agreement
concur to agree
conjecture a guess
conspicuous obvious
contentious quarrelsome
contiguous sharing an edge or boundary
convoluted intricate or complex
copious plentiful
cosmopolitan sophisticated, worldly, familiar with the whole world.
credible capable of being believed
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