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Exploration Test

study guide

Who was looking for the "Seven Cities of Cibola (gold)? Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Who was the first to circumnavigate the world? Ferdinand Magellan
Who was the first Spaniard to reach the eastern shore of the Pacific ocean? Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Who conquered the Inca empire in Peru? Francisco Pizarro
Who reached what is now the Hudson Bay and Hudson River? Henry Hudson
Who searched for the "Fountain of Youth?" Juan Ponce de Leon
Who conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico? Hernan Cortez
Who found Canada and claimed it for England? John Cabot
What country concentrated on exploring S. America and C. America? Spain
What country concentrated on exploring what is now the US? England
What country concentrated on exploring what is now Canada? France
2 external pushes? Monopoly of trade routes Fall of Constantinople
2 internal pulls? Spreading Christianity Spices
3 Gs? Gold, Glory and God
Created by: naumanan16