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Ch 4 S.S Notes

Lesson 1 and 2

The world's first_______was created by Sargon of Akkad about 2350 B.C Empire
Hammurabi's Code was planned to bring____to people living in the empire. Justice
The Akkadian Empire fell because_______ of outside invaders
About 2300 B.C, this group of people invaded the city-states of Sumer. Amorites
What did Hammurabi use to control his empire? Governors and judges
Why did Hammurabi write a code of law? To bring fairness and justice to all
Why did Hammurabi hang his laws on the columns of the temple? He felt everyone should know the laws and punishments
The practice of forcing people to move from their homeland to another place far away is know as: Exile
An example of exile was when the Chaldeans____ Held Hebrews captive in Babylon for 50 years
The money that conquered people are forced to pay to their conquerors in return for protection is called____ Tribute
The purpose of tribute was to Bring money and goods into and empire's treasury
The Assyrian Empire was taken over by the Medes and Chaldeans
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were An artificial mountain covered with plants and trees
Assyria became a military power because They needed to defend themselves form constant invasion
Assyria's military technology could be seen in their Iron weapons and battering rams
Once conquered, a region had to pledge allegiance to Assur, the Assyrian god of War
The Medes were from Iran
In every conquered area, Assyria placed a governor and a[n] Army
The ruler of the Assyrian Empire Ashburnipal
The ruler of the Assyrian Empire Ashburnipal
A group from Iran that helped destroy the Assyrians Medes
The ruler of the New Babylonian or Chaldean Empire Nebachadnezzar ll
The name of the Temple destroyed in Jerusalem Solomon
The capital of the Assyrian Empire and the site of a great library Ninevah
How did Hammurabi control his huge empire? Code of Laws
Ashburnipal of the Assyrian Empire was know for_______ Creating the first library
Nebachadnezzar of the Chaldean Empire was know for____ Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Babylonian Empire was conquered by___ Assyrian
Assyrian Empire conquered by____ Chaldean
Akkadian Empire conquered by___ Babylonian
Chaldean Empire conquered by____ Persians
Created by: jbenway