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Praxis II 0014 R/LA

Praxis II 0014 Types of Literature

Allegory a narrative in which the characters and events represent an idea or truth about life
Autobiography a narrative in which the author writes about his.her own life
Biography a narrative in which an author writes about another person's life
Comedy a genre of literature in which life is dealt with in a humorous manner, often poking fun at people's mistakes
Drama (play) Uses dialogue to present its message to the audience and is meant to be performed
Essay a nonfiction piece that is often short and used to express the writer's opinion about a topic of to share information on a subject
Fable a short story, often with animals as the main characters, that teaches a moral or lesson to the reader
Fantasy a genre of literature in which the story is set in an imaginary world, involving magic or adventure, in which the character often has supernatural powers
Folktale a story that has been passed down orally from one generation to another; the characters usually follow the extreme (all good or all bad) and in the end are rewarded or punished as they deserve
Myth a story that was created to explain some natural force of nature, religious belief, or social phenomenon. The gods and goddesses have supernatural powers but the human characters often do not.
Novel a fictional narrative of book length in which the characters and plot are developed in a somewhat realistic manner
Parable a simple short story that is used to explain a belief, a moral, or spiritual lesson
Poetry Literary work in which uses of colors, concise, rhythmic languages and focuses on the expression of ideas or emotions
Prose Literary work that is in ordinary form and ideas the familiar structure of spoken language, sentence after sentence
Realism writing in which the reality of life is shown
Science Fiction a genre of literature in which the real or imaginary scientific development and concepts are prevalent and is often set in the future
Short Story a narrative that can be read in on sitting. Has a few characters and often one conflict or problem. The characters often go through some sort of change by the end of the story
Tall Tale a humorous and exaggerated story often based upon the life of a real person. The exaggeration increase and build until the character can achieve impossible tasks
Tragedy a genre of literature in which there is a downfall of the hero due to a tragic flaw or personal characteristic; often ends with and unhappy ending
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