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Pharmacology exam 4

antilipdemics, anticoagulants, antihypertensives

Increase the excreation of cholesterol and decrease production of triglycerides by the liver gemfibrozol (antilipedemic)
Acto to stiulate teh liver to break down vldl to ldl and decreases the synthesis of vdls and inhibits cholesterol formation Clofibrate
used adjunctive treatment for ldl, total cholesterol, and triglycerides fenofibrate
used to treat very high serum triglycerides clofiberate
inhibits absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine ezetimibe
Used as a adjunctive therapy for lowering very high serum triglycerides niacin
Naturally decreases serum cholesterol and tryglycerides and improves hdl to ldl cholesterol levels 600-900 mg a day of powerdered 10mg of oils garlic
If aspartate aminotransfernase levels increase three times normal the health care provider my discontinue antilipdemics because Liver failure
blood work should be done 6 - 12 weeks & 6 months thereafter
Antilipedemics usually take how long befor working 4 weeks
Assessing bowel sounds is important with this type of antilipidemic? bile acid resin
Sever itching, warmth, tingling may occur with this type of antilipdemic niacin
Statins may cause this disease which can lead to ARF if not treated immediately Rhabdomyolysis
What fruit should not be taken while on antilipidemics Grapefruit
Bile acid resins can interfer with these vitamins absorptiosn A,D,E,K
This medication should be given 2 hours after taking an antacid rosuvastatin
Must be mixed in 2- 6 fluid ounces of water or noncarbonated beverages cholestyramine
Drugs should be taken 1 hour before or 4-6 hours after taking this drug cholestryramine
These granuales are to be taken with fluids 90 mls stir slowly and rinse and drink after colestipol
A nurse shoudl explain that diziness or blurred vision may occur Gemfibrozil
DASH stands for Dietary approaches to stop hypertension
These type of drugs are perscribed for antihypertension diuretic or B-adrenergic blockers
Hypertensive crises can be treated with __________ by IV in an emergency situation nitroprusside
Calcium channel blockers are contraindicated in these types of patients Sick sinus rhythm
This drug can be taken orally or by patch, the patch lasts for 7 days. clonidine
This antihypertensive may be crushed or chewed. Diliazem
This antihypertensive is usually always given with meals because of it's GI upset? Verapamil
These drugs are given 2h post meals to enhance absorption aptopril & meoxipril
Captorpil & meoxipril are these type of drugs? ACE's
Aliskiren may cause this condition Angio Edema
Mioxidil may cause some symptoms what are they Increase hr, rapid wt gain, angio edema, dyspnea, angina, severe indegestion or faintin
Monitor these drugs for hyperkalemia Aliskinea or aepleronone
Teaching for antihypertensives Never discontinue abruptly, avoid use of noperscriptives, avoid alcohol, may cause drowsiness, don't use salt substitutes (because they usually are phospate based),
Used to prevent the formation & extensions of a thrombus Anticoagulants
Dateparin, enzaparin & tinazaparin are examples of Heprin
Bleeding is less to occur with this type of heprin and doesn't require INR or a ptt usually. Low molecular weight heprin
Inhibits the formation of fibrin clots & inhibits frinogen to fibrin Heprin
Strong anticoagulants, very narrow therapeutic window desirudine & fondaparinuse
Prevent formation of clots in the arteriole system Antiplatelets
Prevent formation of clots in the venous system Anticoagulants
Steptokinase and tonecteplase, and alteplase recombinate are this type of drug? Thrombolitic.
These drugs are not prodrugs which mean clients with liver failure can take them? Captopril and lisinopril
Beriberi and wernicke's encephalopathy may result from defciency in vitamin B1
Essential for charbohydrate metabolism Thiamine, Vitamine B1
Essential for tissue respiration Riboflavin vit b2
Niacin is this vitamin b3
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