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Servidio SS Chap 6

Servidio Review for Chapter 6 MC/CR Test

Name the first battle of the American Revolution Lexington and Concord
Which side had a better navy? British
Which side had a better army? British
Which side had a better military strategy? Patriots
Which side had a better commanding general? Patriots
Which side received help from France and other foreign countries? Patriots
Which side had to ship supplies and troops 3,000 miles? British
Which side had a better purpose? Patriots
Mercenary Troops hired to fight in another country’s war
Blockade Shutting down a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
Thomas Paine Author of “Common Sense”
What was the purpose of “Common Sense”? To encourage the colonists that they should fight for independence
Thomas Jefferson The Author of the Declaration of Independence
Preamble The introduction to the Declaration of Independence
What was the date the delegates accepted the declaration of Independence? July 4, 1776
Define natural rights The rights that belong to all people from birth
Identify the four natural rights Gov’t exist to protect the people, the People that the right to overthrow a government that does not protect the rights to the citizens, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and all men are created equal
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? To justify and declare independence from Britain
This battle was the turning point of the American Revolution Battle of Saratoga
This battle ended the American Revolution with the surrender of the British Battle of Yorktown
This battle left Cornwallis surrounded by the French fleet and the Patriots on land Battle of Yorktown
This quote “Don’t shoot to you see the whites of their eyes” means This quote was used during battle to conserve the Patriot weapons.
This battle was a Christmas Day surprise on the Hessians Battle of Trenton
This battle was led to the French becoming the colonists ally Battle of Saratoga
This battle was called the Shot heard around the world that started the American Revolution Lexington and Concord
This battle was when the Green Mountain Boys captured needed weapons and a key trade route Fort Ticonderoga
At this battle George Washington and his troops captured 1,408 Hessians in one hour Battle of Trenton
At this battle the British Redcoats marched up and down this hill three times with heavy bags before defeating the Patriots at this battle Battle of Bunker Hill
At this battle Washington retreated to New York City after being surrounded by the British navy and soldiers Battle of Long Island
Name the treaty that ended the American Revolution Treaty of Paris
Why was the Treaty of Paris signed in Paris? Because the French helped the Patriots defeat the British
Who was not at the signing of the Treaty of Paris? King George of Britain
What effects did King George not being at the signing of the treaty have on the United States? Britain did not respect and recognize the United States as an independent country
What are rations? The soldier’s food and supplies during war
How is Valley Forge described in history? It was a time of harsh weather, low spirits and when soldiers contemplated leaving the army
Created by: Suzanne Servidio