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socials 9 chapter 4

final exam definitions

Regiment of foot in the army, about 600 foot soldiers commanded by a colonel
Wellington duke of wellington, he leader of the british army
cavarly combat troops on horses
lancers cavalry troops armed with long lances
dragoons soliders armed with short muskets, or firearms
hussars soldiers on horseback armed with sabres and pistols
grenadiers soliders who throw grenades
rise an area of rising ground
infantry the foot soldiers in an army
volley round of shots
bayonets in Napoleon's time, bayonets were long and wide, with a triangular blade. they could result in fatal wounds because the bayonets were usally dirty. Most soldiers feared a bayonet charge more than gunfire.
breastplates peice of armour for the chest
square a square-shaped formation
shako a stiff military hat in teh shape of a tube, usallay with a plum
grapeshot a cluster of small iron balls fired from a cannon
flogging offence one of the many offences for which a soldier could be whipped. some soldier had to endure over one hundred lashes for relitivley minor offences.
scavangers people who come to a battlefeild to steal the belongings of the dead and wounded.
corrupt dishonest and greedy
minor nobility not the highest- ranking nobles
formidable impressive
phenomenal remarkable, out of the ordinary.
republic a country in hich the power rests which citizens entitled to vote
spoils the things soldiers steal from people they have conquered
civil law the law that relates to a person's rights and liberties (aas opposed to criminal law )
tariff a tax
ancien regime the ' old refgime,' in other words, france before the revolution
etiqutte proper manners
chamberlain an official in the court of a ruler
censorship the act of preventing certain publications or pictures (including television and movies) from reaching the public
memo an official note or report that communicates information, usallay in a business setting
nationalisim the beleif that one's own country is the best country
guerilla warfare warfarethat is loosely organized, including volunteer soilders, surprise raids, etc...
patriotism pride in one's country
tsar the russain monarch before the russain revolution of 1917
to route to force a army to run widly from the enemy, as a opposed to retreating, which is a careful, well- disiplined military manouver.
diplomat a repersenitive of goverment who wors with other goverments for the good of his or her country
viscount a title of nobility
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