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Unit 4 test!!

Alliteration Repetition of sounds at the beginning of words Ex. Feathered Friend
Rhyme Pattern or beats in spoken and written language Ex. Calls - Falls
Imagery Word pictures/ description of five senses (Sensory Language) elegant rose Ex. She SMELT and TOUCHED the soft
Diction - Word Choice - Paint Pictures Ex. Beautiful
Rhythm Repeating sounds at the ends of words Ex. Drum Pattern
Paraphrase Restate the text in your own words Ex. That definition
Metaphor Comparison without using like or as Ex. Language is the road map to culture
Simile Comparison using like or as She is as bright as the sun
Word choice, Important part of creating effective imagery The bright beautiful sunset
Visualize Picture images in their minds The details
Sound Devices Make the poem pleasing to the ear Ghost house
Personification To give non living things living traits The tree began to dance wildly
Hyperbole Extreme exaggeration I was so hungry i could have eaten a horse
Analogy Comparison that is used to increase understanding He was as big as the sun
Rhyme scheme A pattern of rhymes in a poem Look at poems
Stanza A group of lines in a poem Long free verse poems
End rhyme ,Repeated sounds at the end of the line Crash Bash
Internal rhyme Repeated sounds within the line Poems to Read aloud
Consonance The repetition of a constant sounds at the end of words
Assonance The repetition of vowel sounds
Onomatopoeia The use of words that imitate sounds Slammmmmmm
Repetition Repeated use of a sound, word, or phrase Ex. "The tide rises, the tide falls"
Created by: Kendra156
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