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final review

Weimer Republic a Parlimentary republi, relied on street violence, paramilitay groups to solve issues, unstable, weak, starvation, poor economy
Benito Mussolini Fasc i de Combattimato(Fascists) needing control of state, gained support from wealthier classes, violent to left wing(blackshirts), street violence was relied on, state is everything
facism the "corporate state" make corporate body + industrialize + laborers would make decisions, state is everything
March on Rome 1922 Oct 27 more for symbolism, idea of large speeches, it forced the king to make Mussolini prime minister
Adolf Hitler born Austris. abusive father to mom, exposed early to ant-semetism, group Beer Hall Putsch (brownshirts) unhappy youths against gov, belief Aryan race, w/in National Socialists German workers Party (Nazis)
Nazis plan to eliminate parties, Hitlers preach of prosperity for Germany during Great Depression, Made Chancellar under Hindenburg, died, claims Pres, chanis emergency powers
Mein Kampf Hitler's writing in prison for Beer Hall Putsch 1925, expressed his anti-semitism+political psychology for manipulating the masses
Anschluss need to expand+reuniter the core of Germany land-Lebensraum
Lebensraum "living space" in which Aryans could live
Josef Stalin after Lenin's death letter found by Stalin+destroyed that said Stalin not rule but Leon Trotsky should, flees to Mexico after losing poor struggle to Stalin, communist party, state owns property, Great Purge1936-1938 w/Trot or against Stalin killed
Franklin Deleno Roosevelt Pres during G.D. introduces the New Deal program, expands gvt rule, welfare state, certain level of economic well being for individual+business
Winston Churchill prime minister of GB during WWI
Dawes Plan American attempt to fit German economic situation 1924
John Maynard Keynes economist whose theories followed after GD->gov. intervention when nedded.
totalitarism a highly centralized system of gov. that controls society+ensure conformity through a single party+police terror
atomic bomb tested by Robert Opperheimer in Los A lamos, Mexico->a nation wide creation process 1sttest July 16th 1945, Fat Man, Little Boy, dropped
Hiroshima+Nagasaki 2 towns hit by atomic bombs H-FM/N-LB
Created by: KLH92001