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World War I

Final Review

Central Powers triple alliance, German, Austro Hungarian, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Bulgaria, petition Italian intervention rejected declaring war on Kingdom of Serbia
Triple Entente duel alliance protection against Russia threatened Hungarian control of Slavic peasantry, 1882 Italy join, Bismark, servant agreements guaranteed British claims in Egypt, French claims Morocco. British-French alliance
Schliefen Plan 1905 Maintain Germany, knew there was going to be 2front war, 1st get French then Russia (Austria holds off till gnrl gets there) then through Belgium to take Paris, deploy army to Russia, followers plan accurately
total war no longer a gentleman's war, industry feeds it's civilians part of war then justifies killing civilians, total threat
Theodore Herzl influenced by Pinsker advocated migration of Jesus to Palestine, called for migration for creation of a Jewish nation-state-w/help of poorer Eastern Jews, succeeded in calling 1st International Zionist Congress in Basel, Switzel..1897 settlement Palestine
14 Points Jan 1918 Woodrow Wilson issues nonvindichle? peace settlement, released self detremination, holds night of all ppl to determine own political system w/o influence, end colonialism, free navigation on seas, open treaties, (no more servant alliance) 'L.O.N.
April Thesis radical doc called for Russia to pull out of war, for sovids to seize power, all private land be nationalized, written by Lenin
Vladmir I. Lenin marxist ideals, b4 cicil war, community deprivatization(economic policy) NEP-New. not like stalh, internationalist, gather all communist countrie
Sykes-Picot Treaty or 1916 Asia Minor Agreement secret WWI agreement btwn Rr. + Fr. pertaining to Ottoman Empire partition among Allied Piers where Empire was 'split'up' on how they wanted it
Balfour Declaration 1917 allowed European Jews to go to Palestine
Treaty of Versailles Peace of PAris(cluster of India treaties) delt w/mainly Ger, Fr, Asia, Lorraine, Allies tempor, occupy western Bonk of Rhine River, free coal to Belgium + Fr, Ger. takes war guilt
League of Nations members of joint responsibility for maintaining peace, guide world to disamount, ended up unsuccessful
Zionism goal was to move Jews to Palestine
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