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final review

Leopold II p.731 king Belgium, claimed Congo central Africa, Competing w/France, Africans unparalled acts of cruelty, scramble of Africa
imperialism p.669 European dominance Non-West through economic exploitation, political rule colonialism p.730 conflict early 20th century, crucial markets heated rivalry among nations fueled competition, territory Africa, Asia "new" rush to rule, than control trade
colonialism establishment of settler colonies, slavery as labor system
the Other
American imperialism (method of conquest/Hawii'i as ex) political, econ, mili, culture influence of US, Concept of American Empire, After Spanish American War 1898
Boer War 1899-1902 freedom wars, 2 wars United Kingdom, 2 independent Boer republics: Orange Free State, S African Republic p.755British promise limited self gvt, policies of "scorched earth" civilian internment ravaged populations
Berlin Conference 1784-1785 scramble escalated tensions in Europe Bismark, European Nations, 14 Nations series of meetings, settlement along African coast guaranteed rights, linear dissection of continent, Banned alcohol and controlled arms of natives
Boxer Rebellion throwing off restraints imposed by foreign power,society of righteous and harmonious fists ritual boxing protect from evils, rebelled 1900 kill missionaries, chinese christians, discredited Qing dynasty 1911, declared China a republic, fortify Chinese gvt
Created by: KLH92001