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semesterexam 2010 LA

2010 lass

What is the definition of equator? An imaginary line deviding the northern and southern hemispheres.
What is definition of region? A group of places that have physical features or human characteristics in common.
What is a thematic map? A map that shows something of a country according to the theme.
What is a political map? A map that shows divisions between places and names of countries and cities.
What is a physical map? A map that shows landforms and physical characeristics and bodies of water.
What are autocracies and autocratic decisions? An autocracy is when the leaders have total controll and make the decisions themselves.
What are democracies and democratic decisions? A democracy is when the leaders do not have total power and the citezens have a say in the law.
What is limited vs. unlimited government? In an unlimited government, leaders have almost total power, as to limited government, where the leaders have limited power.
What is federal government? The limited government is the national government.
What are the three branches of government? Executive, legislative, juditial
What are the roles and responsibilities of the executive branch? In the executive branch, the president enforces the laws, serves a commander in chief of armed forces and conducts forien affairs
What are the roles and responsibilities of the legislative branch? In the legislative branch, congress is made up of two houses the senate and the house of representatives, and together their job is to make national laws.
What are the roles and responsibilities of the juditial branch? The juditial branch is the system of federal courts that makes sure all laws and treaties are constitutional, or agree with the U.s constitution.
What are checks and balances? The system that makes sure no branch of government has too much power.
What is a representative democracy/republic? A representative democracy/republic is like a democracy because the people hold the power, but they also rule through elected representatives.
What is the constitution? The U.S. constitution is the basis of the U.S. law.
What is the bill of Rights? The Bill of Rights is made up of many amendments that list specific freedoms guaranteed to every U.s. citezen.
What is a constitutional amendment? A constitutional amendment is a change or addition to the constitution that makes up the Bill of Rights.
What are the rights and responsibilities of citezens? Citezens' rights come with six responsibilities that are to pay taxes, cast an informed vote, serve on juries, serve in the military, volenteer for activities that promote the common good, and to obey the laws of the country.
what is the political process? The political process refers to those legal activities through which citezens can change public policy. Both the democracy and the republic can take part in the political process.
What is the definition of patrioism? A citezen's love for their country.
What is "Equal Oppertunity"? The guarantee of equalness in education, employment, and other areas of life to every U.S. citezen.
What is the definition of immigration? The movement of people from country to country.
What is the Rio Grande? Where is the Rio Grande located? The Rio Grande is a river in North/Central america or Latin america. It is located on the border line of Texas and Mexico.
What are the Andes mountains? Where are they located? The Andes mountains is a mountain range in Latin/South America. They are located on the western coastline and run from western Venezuela to northern Chile and Argentina.
What is the Amazon River and where is it located? The Amazon river is one of the longest rivers in the world in Latin/South America. It runs from north-eastern Brazil, and curls around down to southern Peru.
What is the rainforest and Amazon Basin and where are they located? The rainforest in the Amazon Basin is a major rainforest in Latin/South America. It is located in mostly northern Brazil, but also partly in Peru, Columbia, and a few other northern countries in South America.
What is the Panama Canal and where is it located? The Panama Canal is a canal in Cental Ameica that goes fom the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbbean Sea. It is in the central part of Panama, which is the southernmost country in Central America.
Where/what is the Yucutan peninsula? A peninsula in southen Mexico that juts out into the gulf of Mexico.
What is the definition of demogaphics? Demographics is how people in a country or region are grouped.
What is annual income? The yealy amount of money people get paid for their jobs.
What is the definition of ethnicity? How people who share a common and destinctive culture, heritage and language are grouped.
What is a the definition of rural population? The population of a country's countryside.
What is the definition of urban population? The populattion of a counry's city area.
What is a culture trait? A culture trait is the way people in a region share similar beleifs, history, traditions, languages, ect.
What does interdependence mean? The economic, political, and social dependence of culture regions on one another.
What is "Cultural Borrowing"? As culture regions change and evolve, they borrow cuture traits from one another.
What is the definition of history? History is a record of the past.
What is the acronym, "PERSIA"? P = Political - Who shall be in charge? E = Economic - How shall we eat? R = Religion - What is the meaning of life? S = Social - How shall we relate? I = Intellectual - How do we learn? A = Artistic - How do we express ourselves?
What are the five themes of geography? Location; place; region; movement; human-enviornment interaction.
What is the main language in Latin america? The most-spoken language in Latin America is Spanish.
What is the main religion in Latin America? The main religion is Catholicism.
What is the main Colonial Rule of most countries in Latin America? The colonial rule of most of Latin America is Spain.
What is the general litteracy rate of most countries in south america? Most Latin American countries have a fairly high litteracy rate (at least 67% or more)
What is the general annual income of most Latin American countries? Most Latin American countries are relitively poor (annual income less than $2000.)
What are most countries in Latin America's general ethnicity like? Most Latin American countries are ethnically diverse.
What are three economic groups in Mexico City? Low income, lower class with no clean resources; middle class with basic needs; and the rich, upper class with excellent services.
What are some problems in Mexico city caused by water and air polution? There is hardly enough water for some people, and it an be very expensive from far away; and the air is diry and unhealthy.
What are the characteristics of a memoir? The memory, the signifigant event, something that's imortant to you, it must be a true story, and it is written in first-person point of view.
Created by: schwamar000



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