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History 7 Chap 6

BJU 7th grade history

Why did ocean travelers hae to beware of the doldrums? the winds there were calm and fluctuating
What is the name of the belt of consistent winds that greatly aided early explorers to the New World? trade winds
Which occupation was least likely to travel to foreign lands as sea routes opened? craftsmen
What was the Incas' greatest natural resource? land for farming
What land did the Europeans name Cathay? China
What is the navigation method called that involves estimating location and speed in order to then choose the most likely compass heading to get you to your desination? dead reckoning
Christopher Columbus was commissioned by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of what country? Spain
Why did Vikings begin to explore near the end of the first millennium A.D.? to find more room to live
The word Pacific comes from a Latin word meaning what? peace
Name three reasons for the start of the African slave trade to the New World. Settlers were unprepared and unwilling to do the work, Africans were familiar with working as slaves, native people were uncooperative and more susceptible to disease
What was the primary reason Columbus sailed west from Spain? to find a route to the East
What was the true reason the Spanish destroyed the Incan empire? The Spanish wanted more gold than the Incas were willing to give
What was unique about the capital of the Aztec empire? it was built in the middle of a lake
What did the Portugese explorer Bartolomeu Dias prove in 1487? it is possible to reach the East by sailing around Africa
What is the name of the instrument that measures the angle between the sun or a star and the horizon? astrolabe
What did the Vikings call Native Americans? skraelings
What is the name of the ceremony in which a samuri would kill himself? seppuku
What was the name of the strong leaders who united Japan and brought peace? shoguns
What was the name of the monk who described Japan as the "Country of War"? Francis Xavier
Hernando Cortes asked this Aztec ruler for gold. Montezuma
Name one of the island groups in the Caribbean. Bahamas
Pizarro marvelled at this capital city's well-built buildings covered in gold. Cuzco
He destroyed Tenochtitlan and built Mexico City on the site. Hernando Cortes
He conquered the Incan Empire. Francisco Pizarro
He opened a school of navigation. Prince Henry
He was sent out to explore by Queen Elizabeth of England. Sir Francis Drake
He sailed the first Portugese ship into India. Vasco da Gama
He rounded the tip of Africa without realizing it. Bartolomeu Dias
His crew was the first to sail around the world. Ferdinand Magellan
T/F: Most explorers were blind to recognizing God's hand in creation. False
T/F: Part of the conquistador's mission was to convert the native people to Roman Catholicism. True
T/F: Mayan pyramids, like Egyptian pyramids, usually served as burial places for kings. False
T/F: In mainland Central America, Spanish is the main language. True
T/F: Lack of roads made communication across the Incan empire very difficult. False
T/F: Beginning in 1650, Japan isolated itself completely from all foreigners. True
T/F: The astrolabe could be used only at night. False
T/F: Caravels usually had three masts and used both square and triangular sails. True
T/F: The Indians were eager to trade their goods for those brought from Europe by Vasco da Gama. False
Essay question: Explain two reasons for exploration and travel during this time period. .
Essay question: How did the age of exploration affect the African continent? .
Created by: amcollins
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