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266 test 5

history 266

defined "white mans burden" as the duty of european and euro american peoples to bring order and enlightenment to distant lands rudyard kipling
sepoys indian troops
the great game russian and british military officers and imperialist adventurers engaged in a risky pursuit of influence and intelligence to prepare for the war for india
Malaya (modern Malaysia) had outstanding ports, and abundant supplies of tin and rubber
All of southeast asia had come under european imperial rule except for the kingdom of : SIAM (modern thailand)
CONGO King Leopold 11 of belgium established a colony that would be a free trade zone ran by forced labor. brutal conditions, high taxes. 4-8 mil africans died
boers the dutch word for farmer
afrikaners the dutch word for african
afrikaner voortrekkers afrikaans for pioneers
voortrekkers afrikaner pioneers (dutch farmers in cape town)fought indigenous peoples while on their great trek away from british colonialism.
the South African War or the Boer War 1899-1902 between british and afrikaners. British discovered diamonds and gold on afrikaners land. Afrikaners lost
the union of south africa a largely autonomous british dominion of the four former colonies that once belonged to afrikaners
the berlin conference 1884-85 12 european states, the US, and ottoman empire devised the ground rules for the colonization of africa
the berlin conference results for future claims on african lands: each colonial power had to notify the other of its claims, and each claim had to be followed up by effective occupation of the claimed territory
concessionary companies european govnts granted private companies lg. concessions of territory and empowered them. they had permission to implement taxes, and forced labor
direct rule colonies featured administartive districts headed by european personnel who assumed responsibility for tax collection, labor and military recruitment, and maintenance of law & order
indirect rule using existing 'tribal' authorities and 'customary laws' as the foundation for colonial rule.
the monroe doctrine president james monroe;proclamation that warned european states against imperialist designs in the western hemisphere.
the spanish-cuban-american war US battle ship maine sank, spanish blamed, US went to war and won taking Cuba and Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines. bought philippines from spain for 20 mil
panama canal Pres. Roosevelt. wanted in colombia, but colombians said no. US supported a rebellion against colombia in exchange for rights to build canal in panama
roosevelt corollary the right for the US to intervene in the domestic arfairs of nations w/in the hemisphere if they demonstrated an inability to maintain the security deemed necessary to protect US investments
The Sino Japanese War Meiji (japanese) and Qing (chinese) war over Korea. Japan won in 5 hours. China recognized korea as an independent country
Russo japanese war Japanese and Korean war over territorial ambitions in the liaodong peninsula, korea, and manchuria. Japan won
2 patterns of labor migrants europeans: temperate lands; worked as free cultivators or industrial laborers. Asia, africa, & pacific islands: tropical and sub tropical lands as indentured laborers on plantations, or in mines
maji maji rebellion to expel german authorities from east africa rebels sprinkled themselves with maji maji magic water that would protect them from german weapons
The Indian national congress reform group approved by the british, acted as a forum for educated indians to communicate their views on public affairs to colonial officials
At the end of the nineteenth century, the Ottoman Empire, Russian Empire, Qing dynasty, and Tokugawa Japan were "societies at crossroads" because discovered through wars & confrontations that they were militarily weaker than the west powers.
The Ottoman military had declined by the nineteenth century because A)the Janissary Corps was more interested in palace intrigues than in military training. B)the Janissaries resisted all efforts to modernize the army. C)many provincial rulers had private mercenary armies. D)Ottoman forces carried outmoded equipment
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