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TX History Review

Tx History Review S1

Define Vaquero Cowhand
Define Garrison A fort
Define Alliance An agreement by nations or peoples to work together.
Define Republic A government in which the power lies with citizens who vote for representatives.
Define Refuge Safety
Define Liberation Overthrow one government for another
Define Pardon To excuse from punishment.
Define Filibuster A person that carries out rebellious activities in a foreign country.
Who is Bernardo Gutierrez? One of t he leaders of the Republican Army.
Who is Philip Nolan? A Mustanger.
Who is Jean Lafitte? Pirate that lived on Galveston Island.
Who is Father Hidalgo? Filibuster priest that was executed.
Who is Marques de Rubi? Recommended abandoning missions.
Who is Jane Long? Mother of Texas.
Who is Peter E Bean? Only survivor of the Nolan group.
What did the Grito de Delores spark? A war for Mexican Independence.
The disagreements between volunteers weakened the Republican Army of the North. What was a major effect of that? The First Texas Revolution failed.
Why did Spain allow American citizens to move to Texas? To boost the population there.
What Native American tribe did the Spanish want to befriend in order to have help against the Apache? The Comanche.
What was the name of a filibuster from Mississippi who was killed during his 2nd trip? Dr James Long.
In the 1760's Spain did not have what 3 things to hold their lands in the northern borderlands? Spain did not have the power, wealth or the people necessary to hold the land.
What is a siege? A military blockade of a city or fort.
Persons of Spanish descent are called? Tejanos
The neutral ground was claimed by what two countries? Spain and the United States.
What are diplomats? Represent countries in foreign affairs.
What was the name of the group that invaded Mexico in 1812? Republican Army of the North.
The Spanish signed a peace treaty in 1785 with what group of Indians? Comanche
What city did Rubic recommend become the capital of Texas? San Antonio.
What treaty had the United States give up all claims to Texas? Adams-Onis Treaty.
What town did Antonio Gil Yarbo found? Nacogdoches.
Define Jacales Small one room huts made of sticks and mud.
Created by: mharlan