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modern middle east

ww1-ww2 israeli-arab conflict statehood

what mandates were lebannon and Syria and why were they interested in it french were interested in it because of reestablishing religious stuff for catholic
what mandates were Iraq and Palistine british
why did turkey succeed and Iran didn't ataturk build institutions that enabled the running of a country,established comities,Reze did everything himself,egypt was secular and more acclimated to changes whereas Iraq was not.
Theodor Herzel write The JEwish state 1896
REsults of suez canal crisis 1)egypt gained complete independence from british 2)egypt gained posession of the suez canal 3)emergences of NAssar,hero and leader
Pan-Arabism that all Arab countries could merge together to make one great country.Restoring Arab dignity
syria Egypt syria was politically unstable gov't was worried about communist taking over, so they asked nassar to come help, but there was an enbalance in power. egypt just took over. lasted only three years, and it was never tried again
Arab socialism revolution to free the arab nation, only way Arabs could overcome exploitation through revolution and freedom
Nasser's form of socialism 1) Women's rights 2) strong government 3))brought an end to the elite and redistribution 4) made higher education free for everyone 5) promised if you graduated then you would you get a job 6) secular
JEwish national fund bought land from other land owners and sold it jewish immigrents to farm on
Labor Federation creates jobs for immigrents promoted trade union created public works porjected companies
ATaturks reforms 6 section republicans- idea of setting up a representive gov't where all ppl vote putting in blacet the basics of a republic 2)populism-settingn policy based will and the benifits of the ppl3) statism policy of enabling goverment state to intervien with economy
ataturk other stuff tried to make egypt different from the ottoman empire,translated the karan into turkish,abolished the sharia and replaced it with adopting of western legal code, abolished caliphate
how reza shah came to power came to power from a cou military take over
Israel Immigration in 5 aliyahs the 5th was different because immigrents from germany came and they were wealthy and highly educated so they did not become farmers but bussiness stuff on the coasts
Jewish National Fund bought land then leased it exclusivly to jews
kibhutz symbik if cooperative communal order
huganah jewish defence forces
histadrut political and idological impact of the labor movement self sufficent
simpson commission passified white papers, set aside land for teh settlement of landless arabs limited economic absorption policy
peel commission july 1937 mandates were unreasoning state could not be created out of contradictory to obligations tot he Balfour deceleration
year british gave india their independence 1947
treaty of lausanne 1923 leads to the establishment of turkey
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