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Renaissance The time period of learning and arts in europe around 1300-1600
Humanism the focus on the potential of people and on life on earth compared to the afterlife in heaven
Renaissance man a person who is skilled in many areas
patron a person who supports the arts
realism the details in art. such as wrinkles and muscles
Protestant a person or group who disagrees with the Chatholic Church Reformation- the time when people left the Catholic church to make their own Christian churches
Vernacular an everyday language that eople spoke. an example is the Bible writtin in German insted of latin
Ingulgences a payment to the Catholic Church for the forgivness of sins
Heretic a person who disagrees with an accepted belief
Excommunicated you are kicked out of the Catholic Church
Inquisition the time period when the Catholic Church lokked for and punished people who disagreed with it
Anti- Semitism the hatred of people of the jewish religion
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