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Constitut Art. 2 - 7

Test questions for Art. 2-7 & Bill of Rights

Subject only to removal by impeachment, Supreme Court judges are given life tenures
Except in cases of impeachment, anyone accused of a crime has a right to a trial by jury
Anyone accused of a crime has a right to a trial by jury, except in cases of impeachment
Supreme Court justices are given life tenures, except in cases of impeachment
This is the right by the Supreme Court to review the decisions of a lower federal or state court. appellate review
Appellate review gives this court the right to review the decisions of a lower federal or state court Supreme Court
The Constitution limits Congress' ability to define treason or to set its punishments as a means of preventing political "offenders" from being charged as traitors
The Constitution limits Congress' ability to define ___________ or to set its punishments as a means of preventing political "offenders" from being charged as traitors treason
At least two witnesses must testify in court that a defendant committed a treasonable act
Each state is required to recognize laws and records of other states and enforce these rights in their own courts that would be enforced in other states. This is known as Full faith and credit
Full faith and credit means each state is required to recognize the laws and records of other states
Interstate extradition means fugitives must be returned to states demanding custody
Interstate extradition means, one state can demand custody of a _____________ from another state fugitive
A new state being admitted into the union will be ___________ to those states already in the union. equal
Congress governs all public lands
Article 4 guarantee each state is guaranteed this form of government Republican
Congress has authorized presidents to send federal troops into a state to guarantee law and order
To guarantee law and order, Congress has authorized the _______________ to send federal troops into a state president
To Amend the Constitution both houses must pass a proposal by 2/3 vote
An amendment is ratified when ____ of the states approve 3/4
Article 6 establishes that the Constitution and federal laws and treaties take precedence over state laws Supremacy Clause
State and federal officials, no matter the branch they serve, must take an oath to _______ and ________ the Constitution uphold & defend
Congress governs acquired territories such as Puerto Rico The Virgin Islands Guam American Samoa
Article 3 limits the authority of courts and empowers them to decide cases
A president is elected to a ___ year term 4
How many terms may a president be elected 2
This college actually elects the president electoral
The number of state electors for the electoral college is determined by # or representatives + the # of Senators
What are the minimum requirements to be elected president? age 35, resident of U.S. for 14 years, a natural born citizen
The Presidents power extends to having control of national and __________ policy in war and peace time. foreign
Congress may not restrain the president's power to __________, except in impeachment cases. pardon
In January, the President must deliver to Congress and annual address known as State of the Union Address
What are the limitations on freedom of speech slander, libel and obscenity
The 4th Amendment requires this to be signed by a neutral magistrate prior to an arrest or searches of person, homes and other private places. warrant
The 4th amendment establishes procedures for the police during a search and seizure
This must exist, supported by an oath or affirmation, before an officer may enter a home of someone suspected of a crime probable cause
The government cannot place a person or trail again after they have been either convicted or acquitted, this is known as double jeopardy
What does the statement "I plead the 5th" mean? prevents self incrimination
What is the importance of Due Process of law? Requires the government to observe proper and traditional methods in depriving one of an important right
Amendment 5 establishes that the government may seize private property for the public good. Fair market value must be paid. Eminent Domain
The 8th Amendment establishes that neither bail nor punishment shall are to be unreasonably severe, it will become knows as "cruel and unusual punishment" clause
Amendment 5 requires the government to observe proper and traditional methods in depriving one of important rights Due Process of Law
Amendment 4, except under certain circumstances, established that this must be issued before a person's home or other private places may be searched a search warrant
In 1870 the 15th Amendment was designed to protect the right to vote for this group. African Americans
This must be present in order for a neutral magistrate to sign a search warrant probable cause
This freedom includes the right to picket and or march for a cause assembly
Just because a right was not spelled out doesn't mean that the government can take that right, but its protection has to be found in the Constitution
In 1920 the 19th Amendment finally guarantees the right to vote for this group, although this right was never prohibited by the Constitution women
In Amendment 5, the prosecution in a case must establish guilt by independent evidence and not by extorted confession form the suspect. This is known as self incrimination
The controversial 2nd Amendment protects the right of an individual to own firearms
Identify an issue related to the denial of civil rights to a particular minority group and explain how at least one branch of the federal government helped to extend civil rights or opportunities for participation to that group of people Legislative Civil rights Act of 1964 Voting rights Act of 1965 Judical Executive
The 14th Amendment establishes that all person born or naturalized have the same _________, and no state may make any law which denies these. rights
To protect ________ ____________ from state interference, no state may make a treaty, alliance or confederation national power
Amendment 6 establishes rights for those who may face a criminal trial, these rights include all the following except Right to a speedy and public trial, To be informed of the nature of the charges, To be confronted by the witness against him, Right to Impartial jury, To be informed of charges, To compel witnesses to appear and testify
Under Article four, section four, Congress has authorized presidents to send this group into a state to guarantee law and order. Federal troops
The 13th Amendment deals with the end of slavery. Using this amendment Congress has legislated against slavery like conditions, such as peonage
The first 10 Amendments are know as the Bill of Rights
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