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ACE Personal Trainer Study Cards Ch9

when designing a program for your client, what are four questions to ask during the need analysis? 1)what are the client's goals 2)what are the requirements of the activities or sports your cient participates in 3)do the needs of the individual or the requirements of the sport dictate training 4)how much time will your client commit
your cient's program goal is to increase strength and balance for activities in life such as scuba diving, housework, yard work, and painting on a ladder. what type of training would be most appropriate? functional training
what are valid reasons for changing a strength training program? boredom, lack of motivation, lack of results, desire for change.
name the six types of resistance training. I - Isometric force development C - Concentric contraction E - Eccentric force development D - Dynamic variable resistance I - Isokinetics I - Isotonic
what does ACSM recommend to develop and maintain muscles mass? resistance training at a moderate to high intensity at least two days per week minimum or one set, 8 - 12 reps. complete 8 - 10 exercises that challenge the major muscle groups.
what is a safe starting resistance for most clients? one that allows completion of at least 12 - 20 reps.
how long does it take to complete rebuiding of the ATP-AP energy system? about 3 - 5 minutes.
what is active recovery? facilitate recovery from a previous strength exercise without requiring total inactivity by working out another body part while the present body part is resting. This also allows for more productive use of limited time.
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