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tengo I have
tienes you (sing.) have
tiene he has
tenemos we have
tienen you (pl.) have
tienen they have
tendré I will have
tendrás you (sing.) will have
tendrá he will have
tendremos we will have
tendrán you (pl.) will have
tendrán they will have
tuve I had
tuviste you (sing.) had
tiene he has
tenemos we have
tuvieron you (pl.) had
tuvieron they had
tendría I would have
tendrías you (sing.) would have
tendría he would have
tendríamos we would have
tendrían you (pl.) would have
tendrían they would have
tenía I used to have
tenías you (sing.) used to have
tenía he used to have
teníamos we used to have
tenían you (pl.) used to have
tenían they used to have
teniendo having
tenido had
he I have
has you (sing.) have
ha he has
hemos we have
han you (pl.) have
han they have
habré I will have
habrás you (sing.) will have
habrá he will have
habremos we will have
habrán you (pl.) will have
habrán they will have
había I used to have
habías you (sing.) used to have
había he used to have
habíamos we used to have
habían you (pl.) used to have
habían they used to have
hube I had
hubiste you (sing.) had
hubo he had
hubimos we had
hubieron you (pl.) had
hubieron they had
habría I would have
habrías you (sing.) would have
habría he would have
habríamos we would have
habrían you (pl.) would have
habrían they would have
estoy I am
estás you (sing). are
está he is
estamos we are
están you (pl.) are
están they are
estaré I will be
estarás you (sing.) will be
estará he will be
estaremos we will be
estarán you (pl.) will be
estarán they will be
estaba I used to be
estabas you (sing.) used to be
estaba he used to be
estábamos we used to be
estaban you (pl.) used to be
estaban they used to be
estuve I was
estuviste you (sing.) were
estuvo he was
estuvimos we were
estuvieron you (pl.) were
estuvieron they were
estaría I would be
estarías you (sing.) would be
estaría he would be
estaríamos we would be
estarían you (pl.) would be
estarían they would be
vengo I come
vienes you (sing.) come
viene he comes
venimos we come
vienen you (pl.) come
vienen they come
vine I came
viniste you (sing.) came
vino he came
vinimos we came
vinieron you (pl.) came
vinieron they came
venía I used to come
venías you (sing.) used to come
venía he used to come
veníamos we used to come
venían you (pl.) used to come
venían they used to come
vendré I will come
vendrás you (sing.) will come
vendrá he will come
vendremos we will come
vendrán you (pl.) will come
vendrán they will come
vendría I would come
vendrías you (sing.) would come
vendría he would come
vendríamos we would come
vendrían you (pl.) would come
vendrían they would come
Created by: catherine1994