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Central A. Carribean

Study for a test

What are the seven countries in the Central America? Guatemala, Belize, Hondrus, El Salvardor, Nicaragua, Cossta Rica, and Panama
Describe the land on Central America? The land is rugged, is a isthmus, and has plates under there
three archipelagos Bahamas, Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles
Describe the land of the Caribean limestone islands are generally flitter that volcanic islands and have sandy soil that is bad for farming
what is ecotourism people who travel that to other countries to look at natural wonders
difference between plantation, subsistence, cooperitive farming subsistence farming is just growing the right amount of food for your family. plantation are growing more than what they need so they sell it in markets. cooperative is that the own and operated the farm by government.
The oldest settlement santa domigo
Explain how the Panama Canal helps Panama Get the most of the money when the boats go through
Embargo a band on trade with a countries
free trade zone buying good from another countries that is not with any taxes
commonwealth partly governing-self country under USA protection
archipelago group of island
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