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World War 1!!

What are the MAIN causes of WWI? Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism.
What was the spark that started the war? Assassination of Francis Ferdinand and his wife by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip.
How did Industrialization prompt international competition between countries? Industrial causes the need for more resources to fuel the industrial process and promise a new market for the goods produced as a result.
What is Militarism? Militarism - pursuit of military ideas, the power is held by the military.
What are alliances? Alliances - aggrements or promises to defend or help a country.
What is Nationalism? Having pride in your country while you defend it.
What is Imperialism? Trying to build up an empire.
Self Determination? The docterine the the people of a given territory or a particular nationality should have the right to determine their own government and political future.
Mobilization Preparation of an army for war.
Total War A warfare in which all of a nations resources including civilians at home as well as soldiers in the field are mobilized for the war effort.
Conscription A military draft.
Trench War-Fare The First World War was typified however by its lack of movement, the years of stalemate exemplified on the Western Front from autumn 1914 until spring 1918.
Life in the trenches. Death was constant, rat infestation, diseases, Lice, frogs, beetles, unsanitary, no running water, dead bodies layed in shallow graves, horrible stench, trench cycle, trench foot.
Sum up what the 14 points were. the 14 points were created to create unifying peace throughout Europe
Created by: jonemor13



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