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Iberian Peninsula SS


capital of Spain Madrid
Seaport and the capital of Portugal Lisbon
wines from Spain Port, Sherry, Amontillado, Sangria
muesam and art gallery located in Madrid. Artwork from 12/18th century The Prado
people who wanted to be free of Spanish rule Basques
regions in Spain Catalan, Castile, Aragon
spanish dance Flamenco
catalan rice dish with shell fish, chicken, and veggies Paella
favorite past time in Spain Bullfighting
city in Northeast Spain Barcelona
connects the Alantic and Mediterraen and seperates Spain from Morocco Strait of Gilbralter
a fleet of spanish warships/navy Armada
the high plains of central Spain Meseta
bark of an oak tree Cork
head of the English navy Sir Frances Drake
province in Spain; ancient port city Cadiz
area of archipelago in the Western Mediterraean sea near the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula Balerics
2nd largest city in Portgual oporto
one of the 16th century conquers of Peru and Mexico Conquistadors
former spanish colonies mexico, columbia, peru
muslim people the moors
custard dessert flan
name 5 exports from Spain olives, grapes, citrus, canned fish, leather goods, steel, tungsten
name 5 tourist attractions The Alhambra, Costa de sol, bullfighting, flamenco, rock of Gilbralter, the Alcazar, Roman aqueduct, the prado
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