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Hum 101 final pt 4

chapter 13

agape Greek term defining actions of the spirit or soul (in an intellectual or aesthetic sense) including love for another's mind; adopted by Christianity as love for God and one's fellow beings; generally understood as the opposite of sexual love
canto a division of a long poem, such as The Divine Comedy, corresponding to a chapter in a book
conspicious consumption phrase coined by Thorstein Veblen connoting the desire to make a public display of one's wealth
courtly love an artificial and codified set of rules governing the mating behavior of the upper classes during the late Mid Ages and the Ren; principle among those was the right of the lady to make any demands she wished in order to test the loyalty of a suitor
double standard originally a reference to the understanding in the Victorian period that men would have sex outside of marriage but women should not
eros Greek term referring to the appetites of passion and the flesh; used as the opposite of agape
gender role the way each sex is defined by society, including expected behaviors and the right and responsibilities of each sex, especially within marriage
goliard a medieval troubadour, usually a young man training for the priesthood, who sang lyrics extolling the hedonistic life and encouraging others to enjoy themselves before entering austere holy orders
mariolatry idealization of the Virgin Mary as practiced by some late medieval poets and painters; not only did it ennoble the life and characteristics of the mother of Jesus, but it also tended to elevate the status of upper-class women and women in holy orders
nuclear family a family unit of father, mother, and children; once including grandparents, but less apt to now
Platonic love originally, an ideal relationship between 2 compatible minds, 1 that may have begun as physical passion but moves to a higher plane that involves mutual interests; it can also define 1's <3 for an idea or work of art w/o desire for it/relationship w/o sex
romance a genre of fiction originating in the Middle Ages, featuring the exploits of a dashing knight and his pure love for a lady for whom he is willing to die-and often does
romantic love a relationship that may or may not include sex, which is less important in any case, than tender feelings and a desire to be with the other person for the sake of that person, not for satisfaction of personal desires
utopianism a belief that the ideal society can be planned and rationally administered
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