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freedom from slavery emancipation
a citizen's rights to vote, assemble, due process, etc. civil rights
an organization that used violence and terror to keep Black people from exercising their civil rights Ku Klux Klan
to officially end something abolish
to charge with a crime impeach
people from the North who came to the South after the Civil War to help or to make money carpetbaggers
a change or addition to the Constitution amendment
officially approve ratify
a term for a Southerner who did not support the Confederacy or who helped the Northerners with Reconstruction scalawags
laws passed in the South right after the Civil War to keep Black people from exercising their civil rights Black Codes
the period after the Civil War when the South was being rebuilt and brought back into the Union Reconstruction
When did the Civil War end? April 1865
Name the main reasons for the Civil War. arguments about slavery and states' rights; economic issues
Reasons that the North made decisions about Reconstruction: 1. they won the war 2. the South's economy was ruined 3. freed slaves needed help to start their lives of freedom 4. only Northerners were in the Congress
Organization which helped needy people in the South: Freedmen's Bureau
Things the Freedmen's Bureau did to help the poor blacks and whites in the South: 1. started schools 2. helped in finding jobs 3. provided medical care 4. provided legal advice 5. gave food when necessary
What is an eligible voter? One who is allowed, or qualified, to vote
Whose Reconstruction plan would have made the Southern states write a document stating that slavery and secession were illegal? President Andrew Johnson
Whose Reconstruction plan called for 10% of eligible voters in 1860 to pledge a loyalty oath to the United States to be re-admitted to the Union? President Abraham Lincoln
Why didn't many Northerners like Lincoln's or Johnson's plans for Reconstruction? too easy on the South
Name some examples of the Black Codes passed in the South right after the war. Black people: -could not live in certain towns -could not own land -could not own a gun -had a curfew
Another name for Radical Reconstruction: Congressional Reconstruction
Name some laws passed by the Republican Congress which the Southerners did not like: -gave black men the right to vote -ex-Confederate soldiers could NOT vote -military districts (martial law) in South
Who was the leader of the Radical Reconstruction Congress? Senator Thaddeus Stevens
Constitutional Amendment which outlawed slavery: 13th
Constitutional amendment which granted black people citizenship 14th
Constitutional amendment which granted black males the right to vote: 15th
Many of the new black lawmakers were ministers, another word for: preachers
Reasons that the Northern people lost interest in the South's problems: 1. the economy was bad (money troubles) 2. scandals by politicians and in the government 3. Time: 10 years had passed; not as interested in punishing the South
Who won the election of 1876? Republican--Rutherford B. Hayes
When did Reconstruction officially end? 1877
trouble or gossip caused by immoral or illegal actions scandal
a specific time of night at which people must be off the streets curfew
message on a tombstone epitaph
Which two regions of the United States fought the Civil War? North and South
Which side in the Civil War wanted each state to decide if slavery would be legal or not in that state? the South
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