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World War 1 shafer

Terms related to world war 1 shafer

Nationalism strong devotion to a nation's interests
Militarism nation's emphasis on aggressve military preparedness
Imperialism Process of extending economic, military, and political influence over other nations
triple entente Became allied powers-France, Britain, Russia
Triple Alliance central powers, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
Central Powers military alliance during WWI consisting of Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman empire
Allied Powers Military alliance during WWI consisting of more than 20 nations including Russia, France, and Britain
Schlieffen Plan German plan to conquer France and then Russia by pushing through Belgium into Northern France
alfred Nobel the swedish discoverer of dynamite
Trench Warfare method of fighting in ditches deep enough to enable soldiers to fight standing up
the Hague Court permanent court of arbitration to provide nations with neutral arbitrations to dispute.
u-boat German submarine
lusitania british passenger liner sunk by german u-boat
zimmermann telegram secret message from german foreign secretary to mexico suggesting an alliance against the U.S.
Woodrow Wilson President of U.S. during WWI
5 major powers in europe Great Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary.
powder keg of europe the balkans
Krupp works arm maker that sold weapons to both sides
Serbia Austria lost arch-duke then attacked Serbia cause of that
Neutrality proclamation wilson issued it to announce that the U.S. is neutral
First battle of marne French and British stooped germans and realized not quick victory
Battle of Somme British lost 60,000 one day
new weapons tank, posion gas, airplanes, machine guns
selective service act 1917- required men 21-30 (changed 18-45) to register w/ local draft boards (2.8 mil drafted) in hope to bring together diff. backrounds
convoy system merchant vessels escorted by warships; transported supplies and volunteers
General Von Hindenbourg led german troops
armistice to cease fire signed nov 11, 1918@ 11am
Food Administration Herbert Hoover; increase farm production, observe meatless and wheatless days, grow gardens
Fuel Act Harry Garfield- heatless mondays, closed factories when short of fuel
labor problems due to draft, lack of european immigration & union strikes short of labor
National War Labor Board (NWLB) created by wilson- composed of reps from business's; arbitrated disputes between employers and workers (caused union membership to grow)
woman's roles took over jobs of men @ war; volunteered war hospitals
great migration african americans from south to north; better standard of living but racial violence
Committe on Public Information George Creel- prog to support war; warned about spies, criticizing gov, changed names of german foods etc
sedition& espionage act 1917- outlawed acts of treason; made crime to recognize disloyalty, opposition to draft, war bonds or arms industry (arrested socialist's berger and debs)
fourteen points wilson's program for world peace dealt with self determination, causes of war, league of nations
Big four Wilson, Orlando, Lloyd George, Clemenceau
David Lloyd George British prime minister- didnt want to show generosity twd germans or give up naval supremecy (against wilson's plan)
George Clemenceau ensure french security w/ revenge on germ
Reparations insisted germ bare finacial cost of war; wanted secret spoils of war treaties honored (violated wilson's plan)
treaty of versailles ended ww1-Germ colonies & ottoman empire divided among allied nations as specified in spoils of war treaty; creation league of nations
mandate system required new colonial rulers to report on administraion to league of nations
new nations czechoslavakia, yugoslavia, finland, estonia, lativa, lithuania, poland
Wilson's proposal for league of nations headquartered in geneva; permenant administrative assembly, each nation one vote and a council, 5 perm members: france britain italy japan & us(never joined)
league covenant solve disputes peacefully; waiting period before war, if failed to follow council could apply economic pressure and use force; article 10
article 10 respect and preserve independence & territorial integrity of all member nations
irreconcilables 14 republicans wanted nothing to do with treaty and league of nations
reservationists led by henry cabot lodge; 35 republicans senators would support treaty if league covenant amended because they objected article 10; wanted to protect senate's power to declare war
henry cabot lodge mass. head of senate's committe on foreign relations; wilson's enemy (led reservationists)
wilson's campaign 9,500 speaking tour defending treaty; collapsed from stroke; treaty failed
1920 election american's wanted to put war behind; league of nations formed without america
global impact europe: industry and agriculture not enough to meet demand; germ: food shortages & lost territory
Belgium invaded by Germany
Battle of Marne marked first turning point in war, Germany lost quick victory
Verdum high # of casualties french won back Verdum
Armenian massacre killing of alot of christians, at least 600,000 men, women and children murdered
william gibbs macadoo wilson's son-in-law convinced him that he could find money to fight the war
espionage act aimed at spying and treason and prohibiting use of mails to send treasonable materials
sedition act barred critism on gov't
AEF American Expeditionary Force, the first u.s. troops to arrive and fight, fought with france
Meuse-argonne the last major French and American offensive war
urban league national group aided the a.a.with the adjsutment to the cities
League of nations to correct any injustices of the peace treaty
WILPF Women's International League for peace and freedom est. in switz. they rallied around the league of nations
Created by: MonkeyMatt428
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