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Western civ test 4

753 Traditional date of the founding of rome
509 Traditional date of replacement of the kingdom with a republic
Cincinnatur appointed dictator,defeated the enemy,and resigned and went back to his farm
Sack of rome by the celts after rome was unconquered for 800 years
Campaigns of pyrrhus king of epirus and mercenary general for italian greeks against rome
Hieron II king of syracuse (leading city of sicily), an ally of rome
1st punic war against carthage
2nd punic war also referred to as The Hannibalic War,This was the second major war between Carthage and the Roman Republic, with the participation of the Berbers on Carthage's side.
defeat of roman army at cannae by hannibal who was the carthage commander
Conquest of Syracuse(now hostile) by Rome.
Death of Archimedes during the street fighting
Defeat of Hannibal by the Romans at Zama(Near Carthage);
202 Hannibal's escape
Term as Censor of Cato Celebrated defender of the traditional Republic and its values
Third Punic War Destruction of Carthage
Death of Gaius Gracchus... radical tribune who advocated land reform(including breaking up latifundia)
death of Marius, army general sympathetic to plebeians the first general to seize power
Death of Sulla, bitter opponent of Marius the first general to march on Rome, seize power, and carry out a general massacre of his opponents
Slave revolt in S. Italy led by the gladiator Spartacus put down by Crassus
Pompey's reorganizaton of the East including Roman annexation of Syria and nearby areas
First triumvirate Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar
Pompey military great
Crassus economic great
Caesar Political great
Parthian campaign of Crassus ending in his defeat and death at Carrhae