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NFL trivia

general nfl trivia taken from triviaplaying

What Steelers quarterback, according to Hollywood Henderson, "couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the' C' and the 'A'"? Terry Bradshaw.
What Ivy League football team once lost an NCAA record 44 straight games? Columbia.
What yard line must a football team drive to, to reach the "red zone"? The twenty.
What budding politician led the AFL in passing yards for the 1960s? Jack Kemp.
What NFL footballer saw his weight reach a league-leading 340 pounds in 1988? William "The Refrigerator" Perry.
Who played defensive back for the New York Giants before he coached the Cowboys? Tom Landry.
What football league had expansion teams in Baltimore, Las Vegas and Shreveport for the 1994 season? The Canadian Football League
How many points was a touchdown worth in 1911? Five.
What university's football team played in the first seven Holiday Bowls? Brigham Young's.
What NFL team did Rafael Septien boot balls for from 1978 to 1986? The Dallas Cowboys. Answer to Football Trivia Question
What National Football Conference division do the Lions, Bears and Packers play in? The Central Division
What Dallas quarterback fumbled a record five times in four Super Bowl games? Roger Staubach.
Whose NFL playing career began in 1949 and ended in 1975? George Blanda's.
Who said life's three important things were "family, religion and the Green Bay Packers"? Vince Lombardi.
What sportscaster posted an NFL coaching record of 103-22-7? John Madden.
What "winning" slogan credited to Vince Lombardi was uttered first by UCLA coach Red Sanders?" "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing"
What three NFL teams had lost four Super Bowls each, through 1996? Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings.
What former Chicago Bears star was known as "the Enforcer," "the Animal" and "Paddles"? Dick Butkus.
What were NFL players required to wear in games for the first time in 1943? Helmets.
How many teams graced the NFL after the AFL officially joined the told in 1970? Twenty-six.
What NFL footballer saw his weight reach a league-leading 340 pounds in 1988? William "The Refrigerator" Perry.
What Native American was the NFL's first president? Jim Thorpe.
What color flags did NFL officials begin throwing after abandoning white ones in 1965? Gold.
What NFL footballer is one of Brigham Young's many great-great-great grandsons? Steve Young.
How many football teams from the troubled Southwest Conference defected to the Big Eight? Four.
What Chicago Bears great ran six kickoffs back for touchdowns over seven seasons? Gale Sayers.
Who threw a record six touchdown passes in one Super Bowl, in 1995? Steve Young.
Who became the NFL's all-time touchdown leader in 1994? Jerry Rice
What football defensive position is dubbed a "rover" or "monster"? Safety.
What letter begins the moniker of the most AFC football teams? B
What position was played by NFL footballers Alan, Joaquin, Luis, Max and Tony Zedejas? Kicker.
What NFL team was second to the 49ers in wins during the 1980s? The Washington Redskins.
What NFL team was the first to win the Vince Lombardi trophy five times? The San Francisco 49ers.
What NFL team won the most games in the 1960s? The Green Bay Packers.
Who was the second head coach in the history of the Dallas Cowboys? Jimmy Johnson.
What Buffalo star rushed for 13,19, and 37 yards in Super Bowls XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII? Thurman Thomas.
What Dallas Cowboys running back was dubbed "Little Big Man"? Tony Dorsett.
What footballer, after running 64 yards in the wrong direction, was re-oriented by teammate Benny Lom? Roy "Wrong Way" Riegels.
What Chicago Bears Coach learned you could break your hand by putting a fist through a metal locker? Mike Ditka.
What team was led to Super Bowls VII, and VIII by their "no-name defense"? The Miami Dolphins.
What Division 1-A coach took teams to a record 29 bowl games? Bear Bryant
What quarterback spent 46 days in 1996 at the Menninger Clinic to kick an addiction to the pain killer Vicodin? Brett Farve.
What West Coast NFL team still sports the motto: "Commitment to Excellence"? The Oakland Raiders.
What Dallas star was the NFL's tallest player during the 1980s, at six-foot-nine? Ed "Too Tall" Jones.
What did Dolphins receiver Mark Duper legally change his name to in 1985? Mark Super Duper.
What Big Eight football team's fans cheer for the Cyclones? Iowa State's
What NFL team won the most games in the 1970s? The Dallas Cowboys.
How many Super Bowl MVP awards does Terry Bradshaw have? Two.
What city was known to NFL fans as Titletown, USA in the 1960s? Green Bay.
What future NFL quarterback wore sunglasses for his 1977 Utah high school yearbook photo? Jim McMahon.
What Native American language was Super Bowl XXX the first to be broadcast in? Navajo.
What Cowboy's 99-yard run from scrimmage put him in the NFL football record book in 1983? Tony Dorsett's.
What team hired the NFL's first professional cheerleading squad, in 1972? The Dallas Cowboys.
Who was the first athlete to rap at a Pro Bowl musical gala, in 1995? Deion Sanders.
How many of the five Dallas teams Tom Landry took to Super Bowls were victorious? Two.
What teams played in the first all-California Super Bowl? The San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers.
What team has been drubbed in Super Bowls by scores of 27-10, 39-20, 42-10, and 55-10? The Denver Broncos.
What NFL team introduced the no-huddle offense during the 1980s? The Cincinnati Bengal's.
What quarterback got stuck with the given names Yelberton Abraham? Y.A. Tittle.
What Baltimore Colts great led the NFL in passing in the 1960s, with 26548 yards? Johnny Unitas.
What Pittsburgh Steelers great was the first wide receiver to be named super Bowl MVP? Lynn Swan.
What Division 1-A football team's fans cheer for the Yellow Jackets? Georgia Tech's.
What Jets quarterback, asked if he preferred grass or Astroturf, replied: "I don't know, I never smoked Astroturf"? Joe Namath.
What NFL team once had Bob Hope, Henry Mancini, Maureen Reagan and Danny Thomas on its advisory board? The Los Angeles Rams.
What did a Buffalo fan hit Chuck Foreman in the eye with during a game, ending his chance of winning the NFC rushing title in 1975? A snowball.
Who was involved as a player or coach in three Super Bowls with the Cowboys, two with the Eagles and one with the Bears? Mike Ditka.
How many football teams play in the Big Ten Conference? Eleven.
What Vikings quarterback has been called the NFL's "original scrambler"? Fran Tarkenton.
What nickname did NFL great Lance Alworth share with a Disney movie title character? Bambi.
How many years must a player be retired to be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Five.
What was Miami quarterback Bob Griese the first NFL football player to wear in a game, in 1977? Glasses.
What pro football franchise did Tim Mara buy in 1925 for $500? The New York Giants.
Who had the most rushing yards in the NFL for the 1980s? Eric Dickerson.
What record-setting quarterback was the NFL's 82nd draft pick in 1979? Joe Montana.
What elusive Detroit running back has been dubbed "the Lion King"? Barry Sanders.
Who did the New York Giants beat by a point in the closest Super Bowl ever? The Buffalo Bills.
Created by: rh3q
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