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History civ

i like turtles Brock!

2 groupes that fought in french wars? catholics,protesttants
Leader of huguenots ? John calvin
Henry iv catholic? was a prot,so he would be exccepted.
The king of spain ? Phiip II
Philip ii iwent to war with ? elizabithfrom england.
3 characteristics of wtchcraft old,poor,no husband.
30 wear war. everyone exp cath,and prot.
English civil war who won? roundheads
lousi XIV Sun king? was source of light for his people.
lousi XIV Palace? huge,all gold rooms.
Huguenots -lousi XIV end? brought the end of them.
1st of russia? ivan Iv.
Romanov Dynasty last? 300years
Russia more powerful big milatary
Changes in russia ? euro manners,ballet,nobeards
Move the capital? Closer to france + englind.
Romanov Dynasty last? 300years
Russia more powerful big milatary
Changes in russia ? euro manners,ballet,nobeards
Move the capital? Closer to france + englind.
Where did ottman empire start? anatolian peninsula
what country is ottman located now? Turkey
who was ther founder of ottmans? osman
Name of the ottman leader? Sultan
Safavid empier start? Persia
Safavid empire now is... Iran
Safavid were ... Shiah
Ottomans were... Sunn
Safavid called there leadrrs ... Shah
Safavid's fight with ... ottmans
Safavid empire start? indus river
The country where the Safavid empire was ... india
The founder of Safavid's Babur
Babur mom and dad decent Genghiskahn,Timurlenk
Who was Akbar Babur's grandson
How did Aurangzeb get power killed his brother
How did Aurangzeb try to change Mongul culture he was against Hindu's and very strict
Which two European countries fought for trading rights in India England, France
Who maintained control of trading rights in India England
Who built the Tajmahal Shahjahan built the Tajmahal in memory of his wife
which dynasty over threw Monguls in china Ming
Name one way the dynasty helped china they worked on the great wall, provided schools
What was the name of the new capital of Ming Beijing
Who is a famous explorer for China Zheng He
Which European country came and offended the Chinese Portuguse
What is one reason the ming dynasty fell Weak rulers, high taxes and revolts
how did the last ming emperor die hung himself
which dynasty took over after the ming quing
how did Kangxi treat christians in china he tolerated them
What was the name of the rebellion that weakened the Qing White lotus rebellion
How would you describe China's interaction with other countries in trade isolated
The reason chinese population grew was... better rice, peace
Chinese society is organized around... family
Name two ways that women were treated poorly in China foot binding and can't divorce husbands
What was the name of the chinese city within a city where only nobles could go Imperial or forbidden city
Who are the three men that worked to unify Japan Nobuhaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu
What was Tokyo known as before it was Tokyo Edo
Why did the japanese ban portuguese from Japan they burned their shrines
why did peasants revolt in China High taxes
Who was the most famous Haiku rider Basho
why was Korea called the hermit kingdom because they were isolated
Created by: NathanT41