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visceral thyroid

visceral thyroid pathology

what happens to T3/T4 levels in a hyperthyroid? increase
what happens to T3/T4 levels in a hypothyroid? decrease
what happens to TSH levels in hyperthyroid? decrease
TSH levels in hypothyroid increase
protein synthesis: BMR hyperthyroid increase
protein synthesis: BMR hypothyroid decrease
body weight of an individual with hyperthyroid? thin
body weight of an individual with hypothyroid? obese
activity level with hyperthyroid? increase
activity level with hypothyroid? decrease
reflexes for hyperthyroid? hyperreflexia
reflexes for hypothyroid? hyporeflexia
heart rate for hyperthyroid? tacchycardia
heart rade for hypothyroid? bradycardia
GIT for hyperthyroid? diarrhea
GIT for hypothyroid? constipation
hair for hyperthyroid? fine
hair for hypothyroid? coarse
eyes for hyperthyroid? exopthalmosis
eyes for hypothyroid? squinty eyes, edema
edema for hypothyroid? Myxedema
what are some examples of diseases associated with hypothyroidism? cretinism, myxedema
what are some examples of diseases associated with hyperthyroidism> grave's disease, subacute thyroiditis, Riedel's thyroiditis
leads to irreversible mental retardation in children if not treated, so perinatal diagnosis is mandatory cretinism
etiology of cretinism failure of hormone synthesis during pregnancy
clinical presentation for cretinism lethargy, hypothermia, rough and harsh cry, hypotonia of muscles, large protruding tongue
deposition of mucopolysaccharides in the CT Myxedema
Myxedema is aka what Hashimoto's thyroiditis in adults
Thyroid is rubbery, firm and nodular myxedema
clinical presentation for myxedema presence of antithyroid AB; destruction of the follicles by infiltration of lymphocytes
Mostly in females 15-40 years old, familial, autoimmune, IgG antibody Grave's disease
clinical presentation for grave's disease? grossly the thyroid is enlarged, extremely vascular, neck bruit, exopthalmos
Subacute thyroiditis is aka what? De Querbain's thyroiditis
both sexes, all ages, viral etiology, enlarged painful thyroid Subacute thyroiditis
clinical presentation for subacute thyroiditis? painful neck, fever, enlarged cervical nodes
chronic condition that affects elderly females, enlarged, stony hard painless thyroid Riedel's thyroiditis
clinical presentation for Riedel's thyroiditis? dysphagia, dyspnea, hoarseness of voice
lab findings for Riedel's thyroiditis? Increased T3/T4, decreased TSH
is a follicular adenoma of the thyroid benign or malignant? benign
what are the two etiologies of thyroid carcinoma? x-ray therapy to the neck, familial
psamoma bodies are found in what kind of thyroid cancer? papillary carcinoma
familial, arises from papafollicular C cells of the thyroid Medullary carcinoma
This type of thyroid cancer will not be visible with fine needle aspiration follicular carcinoma
this type of thyroid cancer is highly malignant anaplastic carcinoma
Pituitary adenoma, parathyroid adenoma and pancreatic islets neoplasm MEN I (wermer's syndrome)
medullary carcinomas of the thyroid, pheochromocytoma of the adrenal and parathyroid adenoma MEN II (sipple's syndrome)
Fine needle aspiration is used to detect which thyroid cancers? papillary carcinoma, medullary carcinoma, anaplastic carcinoma
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