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visceral gallbladder

visceral gall bladder pathology

this presents as cholesterol in the white race and pigment stones in other races cholelithiasis
how are most gall stones visualized? ultrasounds
a patient with cholelithiasis will present in which 2 ways? asymptomatic or biliary colic
biliary colic spasmotic pain at murphy's point
the "five F's" characterize what disease? cholelithiasis
the etiology for this disease includes increased cholesterol or decreased bile salts or decreased gall bladder motility for cholesterol stones cholelithiasis
what are some predisposing factors for cholelithiasis? sickle cell anemia and parasitic infection
gall stones in the common bile duct choledocholithiasis
acute cholecystitis is caused by what? cholelithiasis or bacteria
edematous enlarged gall bladder, pain at murphy's point radiating to the right shoulder, fever with chills, leukocytosis acute cholecystitis
complications of acute cholesystitis include what? empyema bladder, perforation and peritonitis
persistent inflammation of the gall bladder associated with gass stones or repeated attacks of acute cholecystitis chronic cholecystitis
thick, firm and contracted gall bladder wherein the wall may become calcified (porcelain gall bladder) chronic cholecystitis
how will a patient with chronic cholecystits present? nonspecific vague abdominal symptoms
what is the most common benign tumor of the gall bladder? papilloma
common in women where porcelain bladder is prone to become a cancerous gall bladder cholangio adenocarcinoma
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