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Boards Part 4 xray

Pars fracture in lumbar spine. What part of "scotty dog" is fractured? Neck
Shenton's line indicative of? femoral neck fracture, hip dislocation, slipped femoral capital epiphysis
Associated with Down's syndrome increased ADI space, absent transverse ligament
RA fusion of apophyseal joints, deformed spinous processes, decreased anterior to posterior diameter of the vertebral body
Klippel-feil low hairline, decreased range of cervical motion and short, webbed neck
ossiculum terminale persistens of Bergman failure of fusion of the apical secondary ossification center at the odontoid tip. visible as a "V" shape in pt over 12.
os odontoideum top of odontoid develops notmally but fails to unite. visualized as a well defined, smooth, radiolucency
enchondromatosis Enchondromatosis is a form of osteochondrodysplasia characterized by a proliferation of enchondromas. An Enchondroma is a cartilage cyst found in the bone marrow. Typically, enchondroma is discovered on a X-ray scan
osteosarcoma malignant bone lesion, cumulus cloud in appearance and effects predominately males btw 10-25
bone island thorn-like radiating spicules
differentials for bone island osteoma and osteoblastic metastasis
enostoma, likely dx bone island
2 common locations for an enostoma to occur ilium and proximal femur
bone islands are not likely in the... skull
osteoid osteoma Radiographs in osteoid osteoma typically show a round lucency, the nidus, surrounded by sclerotic bone.
most common places for osteoid osteomas femur and tibia
most common stucture in the spine for osteoid osteoma to occur lamina
differential of osteoid osteoma Brodie's abscess
Brodie's abscess subacute osteomyelitis, which may persist for years before converting to a frank osteomyelitis
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