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daniel patton

am care, early morning care routine care before breakfast; early morning care
aspiration breathing fluid or an object into the lungs; often leading to pneumonia
HS care, evening care care given at bedtime(hour of sleep[HS]); evening care of PM care
morning care Care given after breakfast: hygiene measures are more thorough at this time
oral hygiene mouth care,teeth/denture brushing
pericare, perineal cleaning the genital and anal areas
plaque a thin film that sticks to the teeth; it contains saliva, microbes, and substances
tartar hardened plaque
perineum genital /anal area
bedpan a plastic or metal "seatlike" pan used by people who cannot get out of bed. women use bedpans for urinating and bowel movements,men typically only use then for bowel movement
urinal plastic or metal "juglike" container use by mento urinate. standing to urinate is encouraged, but may be used while sitting on the side of the bed r lying down also.
incontinence the loss of bladder or bowel control
alopecia hair loss. may be partial or total
abrasion a partial thickness wound caused by the scraping away or rubbing of the skin
dandruff excessive amount of dry, white flakes of skin from the scalp
pediculosis the infestation of lice
meatus the opening at the end of the urethra
urethra tube that allows urine to pass from the bladder out of the body
anus the opening/sphincter that allows feces to pass out of the body
complete bed bath washing the person's entore body in bed
partial bed bath bathing of the face,hands, axillae(underarms),back, buttocks, and perineal care
hygiene practices that promote comfort,safety and health;e.g. bathing, oral care
drawsheet a small sheet placed over the middle of the bottom sheet. it helps keep the mattress and the nottom linens clean and dry.
waterproof pad a pad made from cloth and lined with waterproof material that protects the lines from being soiled and can be laundered and used over and over again
activities of daily living (ADL's the activities usually done during a normal day in a person's life.
waterproof sheet a larger waterproof pad the size of a sheet
"pat dry" the process of drying by dabbing, not rubbing, an area with moisture absorbing material
ermey board nail file
Created by: big dan
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