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Unit 2 (continues)

Social Studies continued

Rodger Williams Rhode Island
John Smith saves Jamestown by taking control, wanted to help the colonies, forcing colonist to work and trade with NA for food
proprietary colony King gives land to a person or group of persons known as proprietors who have exclusive control over the colony
importance of proprietary colony and examples took control over colony, collect taxes, pass taxes, make laws; examples: Carolinas, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York
Metacom Native American Name for King Phillip
North Carolina tobacco farmers that came from Virginia
South Carolina started rice and indigo plantations
importance of indentured servant primary source of labor! majority are tobacco workers
Georgia buffer zone between the Carolinas, protected Spanish colonies
Jamestown first English settlement started by Virginia Company
Bacon's Rebellion lower class verse higher class
Stono Rebellion slave rebellion
King Phillips War Native American Uprising led by Metacom
Cause of King Phillips War response to colonial expansion, puritan towns destroyed, NA survivors sold into slavery
examples for House of Burgesses government and democracy in US history, Jamestown VA
Jamestown Struggles location-built on swampy land(diseases such as Malaria), climate-much harsher than England's, Ineffective government, colonists-focus on searching for gold rather than growing food
New England Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts
Southern South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia
Middle Colonies New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania
Thomas Hooker Connecticut
reasons why people came to the New World to become wealthy(find gold),Adventure-to escape their lives in Europe, Opportunity to own land and participate in government, Religious reasons: Dissenters, practice own beliefs, spread Christianity, Economic freedom
Dissenters people who disagreed with the Church of England
The Great Migration Puritans settle in the colonies
John Winthrop gets a charter, calls it Massachusetts Bay Colony
Why did England pass the Navigation Acts? ensure England would benefit from the colonies; goods coming in or out-promoted colonial ship building;certain products-keep down price = no competition;imported goods-makes imported goods more expensive
Navigation Acts cause: anger in the colonies, smuggling: first example of tension between England and other colonies
triangular trade Trans-Atlantic trade system, used to exchange slaves and goods
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