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Rev. Study Guide

Use this study stack to help you complete your Revolution Study Guide.

1.________________________ was a famous Naval commander and Father of the American Navy who defeated the British warship Serapis and famously stated “I have not yet begun to fight”. John Paul Jones
These were German troops hired by the British to fight against the Colonials 2.____________________ Hessians
A woman named 3.______________________dressed as a man during the Revolution fighting courageously until discovered. Deborah Sampson
4. ______________________ was found mostly in New York State and throughout the South. Loyalists
This women brought water to soldiers and famously filled in for her injured husband when he fell in battle. Her name was 5. ________________________________. Molly Pitcher
The 6._______________________________ ended the war with the Americans as victors over the British. Treaty of Paris
Written by Thomas Paine to lift the soldiers morale during Valley Forge this pamphlet was called 7.__________________________________. The American Crisis
8. _____________________ were found mainly in New England and Virginia Patriots
Nicknamed the Swamp Fox and perfecting Guerilla tactics 9._______________________ helped win significant victories for the Americans in the South Francis Marion
Hired by wartime governments 10.___________________________ raid enemy ships and were used by the colonials to fight the British at sea. Privateers
11. _____________________________ helped to train the Continental Army at Valley Forge turning them into an army that could successfully fight against the British. Baron Von Steuben
12. ______________________________ was a meeting of delegates in Philadelphia that adopted the Declaration of Independence. Second Continental Congress
This famous event the 13.___________________________________took place in New England with Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Presscott warning colonists that “The British were coming”. Midnight Ride
These acts the 14.____________________________________________were passed by Parliament after the Boston Tea Party further angering colonists and pushing both sides towards war. Intolerable Acts
At 15.____________________________ and ___________________________ the first shots of the Revolution were fired and the colonists forced a retreat of the British to Boston. Lexington and Concord
Preamble States the reasons for the document
The Right of the People to Control Government Discusses the rights that belong to people
Tyrannical Acts of the British King Lists the unfair taxes imposed by the King
Efforts of the Colonies to Avoid Seperation Attempts to keep peace with the British
The colonies are declared free and Independent The colonies claim freedom but offer to be an ally in times of peace
July 4, 1776 Date the Declaration of Independence was adopted
Thomas Jefferson Main author of the Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence Our Nations birth certificate declaring the colonies to be an independent nation
Philadelphia Location where the Second Continental Congress met and adopted the Declaration
Unalienable Rights Core idea of the Declaration of Independence
This person switched allegiances and is known as a traitor to the colonials Benedict Arnold
French nobleman who served under Washington and was loved by his men Marquis de Lafayette
The general of the British army who lost the Battle of Yorktown Lord Cornwallis
The final battle of the war in which the Americans and French trapped the British preventing their escape. Yorktown
Considered to be the turning point of the war where the Americans defeated the British Saratoga
Battle in which Washington and his men crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night surprising nearby Hessian troops Trenton
The worst defeat of the war for the Americans occurred in the south at what battle Charlestown
Washington’s main goal early in the war was to do just this Survive
Which of the following was a consequence of the Battle of Saratoga? Morale in England dropped, European Nations became allies
A winter camp where the Continental army suffered many hardships, but also learned how to fight and train Valley Forge
What are the four reasons the colonies were able to defeat Britain? Explain each thoroughly Better Leadership, Motivation, Knowledge of Land, Foreign Aid
What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris? What terms did each side follow or not follow? Explain America was independent, established the borders of the United States, Gave AMerica rights to fish off Canada, repay all war debts, return property to loyalists, Britain returned slaves. Neither side paid pre-war debts or returned slaves or property
Created by: jadiloreto