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SOL Places

A review of Places important to World History 1500AD to the Present

place where Hinduism began India
Jewish homeland state; conflict exists here between Muslims and Jews Israel
country where Buddhism began India
holiest city of Islam; where Muslims pray Mecca
holy city of Christians, Jews, and Muslims Jerusalem
Country of the Anglican Church England/Britain
Country of the Thirty Years War Germany/Holy Roman Empire
head of the Catholic Church is in this country Italy
Renaissance began in this country Italy
Shakespeare was from this country England
where the Renaissance spread to Northern Europe
Columbus, Magellan, Cortez, and Pizarro sailed from this country Spain
Da Gama, Prince Henry the Navigator where from this country Portugal
Drake sailed from this country England
Cartier sailed from this country France
Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Chales II, William and Mary, Winston Churchill are all from this country England/Great Britain
where most slaves were sent to in the New World Caribbean
Modern day country where the Incas lived Peru
Modern day place where the Aztecs lived central Mexico
Louis XIV, Louis XVI and Napoleon were leaders of this country France
Peter the Great and Nicholas II was a leader of this country Russia
Frederick the Great, Otto von Bismarck, and Hitler were leaders of this country Prussia/Germany
Country of the Glorious Revolution England
only Asia country not taken over by European powers during the age of imperialism Japan
Toussaint L'Ouverture led a slave revolt in this country Haiti
Simon Bolivar led revolutions on this continent South America
Place built by Louis XIV to show off his wealth Palace of Versailles
Place built by the Mughals in India Taj Mahal
Two countries unified between 1850 and 1880 Germany and Italy
Italy is centrally located on this body of water Mediterranean Sea
Slaves sailed across this ocean on the Middle Passage Atlantic Ocean
Strait at the tip of South America Strait of Magellan
place of Napoleon's defeat Waterloo
the Mughal Empire was located primarily in the northern part of this country India
The capital of the Ottoman Empire; formally known as Constantinople Istanbul
One of the World Empires c. 1500; exported silk and tea; invented the compass; set up foreign enclaves for trade China
Germany and Austria were formally part of this Empire Holy Roman Empire
World Empire c. 1500; military leader was a shogun; followed a policy of isolationism Japan
Istanbul is a bridge between these two continents Asia and Europe
place of the Songhai Empire who traded gold, raw materials, and slaves Africa
modern day place where the Mayans were from Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico
two countries to fight in the 7 Years War Austria and Prussia
two countries to fight in the Franco-Prussian War Prussia and France
country where there is no conflict between Protestants and Catholics; part of the United Kingdom (Great Britain) Ireland
D-Day; or Normandy Invasion occurred in this country France
country where the atomic bomb was dropped in World War II Japan
Muslim country formally part of India; created after the British gave up power in India Pakistan
the Panama Canal connects these two bodies of water Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean
Suez Canal connects these two seas; allowing for shorter travel time from Europe to Asia Mediterranean and Red
place of genocide in Africa in 1994; Hutus vs. Tutsi Rwanda
country of the Sepoy Rebellion India
French Indochina is today known as this country Vietnam
country of the Boxer Rebellion China
only Asian country not taken over by European powers during the age of imperialism Japan
Where the Industrial Revolution began Great Britain (England)
First communist state in the world Russia/Soviet Union (USSR)
spheres of influence existed in this country China
This European country was divided after World War II Germany
Pol Pot ruled this country Cambodia
Ho Chi Minh ruled this country Vietnam
Vietnam under French rule French Indochina
Italy is centrally located on this sea Mediterranean
slaves sailed across this ocean on the Middle Passage Atlantic
one of the two countries NOT controlled by Europe during Imperialism Ethiopia or Liberia
Nelson Mandela was President of this country South Africa
Jumo Kenyatta led a protest for indepednece in this country Kenya
place of Napoleon's defeat Waterloo (in Belgium)
empire that ended after World War I Ottoman
Chiang Kai Shek's "China" was set up on this island Taiwan
the Mughal Empire was primariily in the northern part of this country India
the capital of the Ottoman Empire; formally known as Constantinople Istanbul
Germany and Austrial were formally part of this Empire that experienced the 30 Years War Holy Roman Empire
Created by: mist73lee
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