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Unit 2 (1000-1607)

Social Studies

Dutch colony that later became New York New Netherlands
written contract giving the right to establish a colony charter
English dissenters who wanted to reform the church of England Puritans
1585 and 1587 started by Sir Walter Raleigh, first English settlement in the new world Roanoke
person rewarded with a large land grant for bringing 50 settlers to New Netherland patroons
1676 rebellion in Virginia Bacon's Rebellion
the far western edges of the other colonies Backcountry
document that helped establish the practice of self-government Mayflower Compact
dissenting group who wanted to separate from the church of England Separatists
the Virginia assembly, which was the first representative assembly in the American colonies House of Burgesses
crops raised to be sold for profit cash crops
one who worked for a set time without pay in exchange for a free passage to America indentured servant
any religion is tolerated, Ex. Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey religious toleration
laws passed by the English government to ensure that England made money from its colonies trade Navigation Acts
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